Common Groups / Hints

Posted by: Cue

Common Groups / Hints - 11/05/12 07:39 AM

Use the four clues to find a common link. List the answer to each clue and the link. Some answers may be homophones of the actual word for the group. In fact, one group contains three homophones.

Example: lifting device (crane), rapid (swift), flying toy (kite), glimmer (flicker)...bird types.

-1. flower or old spreadsheet program, avoid, wade, chase preceder?
-2. circular course around an axis, aught, the time period that your parents told you they weren't born, relief
-3. grubs(action), cradle(as in baby holder), butter or paper quantity, a large catered meal
-4. boots, restrains, a hooker's clients, London farewells
-5. word with train or food, people, type of fly that a pitcher might get?, wobble
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Re: Common Groups - 11/05/12 08:37 AM

1. Lotus, Dodge, Ford, Chevy
Types of cars wave
Posted by: Cue

Re: Common Groups - 11/05/12 09:21 AM

Good start manxman wave
Posted by: GBC

Re: Common Groups - 11/05/12 09:26 AM

4. Kix, Chex, Trix, cheerios
Posted by: Cue

Re: Common Groups - 11/05/12 01:45 PM

Good answer, Gail. I thought about going with "Life" or "Honeycomb" but I liked the Trix, Chex and Kix trio smile
Posted by: Sondi

Re: Common Groups - 11/05/12 02:19 PM


soul, folk, pop, rock

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Re: Common Groups - 11/06/12 07:01 AM

Two things:
I am so glad to see you back, Cue. yay
And secondly, I am possibly going out on a long limb here. crazy

2. Revolution, Something, Yesterday, Help - Beatles songs
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Re: Common Groups - 11/06/12 07:39 AM

Great solves ladies! thumbsup

Thanks, Redz. It's nice to be back in the Garden. You picked the right limb to be out on. smile
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Re: Common Groups - 11/08/12 09:11 AM

Added hints for the last one.
Posted by: manxman

Re: Common Groups / Hints - 11/09/12 08:38 AM

3. digs, crib, pad, spread
slang for places to live wave
that was a tough one yes
Posted by: Sherlock

Re: Common Groups / Hints - 11/09/12 10:12 AM

Manxman, I dismissed those answers earlier because I thought it's a "pat" of butter. Good solve! smashpc
Posted by: Cue

Re: Common Groups / Hints - 11/12/12 07:41 AM

That was a tough one manxman, good solve! praise

Cheryl, we've always said pad but after looking around the net I see that it could either, depending on where you're from.