Ana Gram. (Hints)

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Ana Gram. (Hints) - 11/14/12 02:35 AM

The eccentric wordsmith Ana Gram was having trouble solving her "Wacky Times" crossword puzzle. That was until she discovered the world around her kept giving her anagrammed hints!

-1.Miss Ana Gram was on the verge of giving up on her crossword entirely when she came across this clue: Counterfeit (5 letters). But she miraculously discovered that a commercial for her favorite sandwich shop contained somewhere within it the anagram for the last clue she was having trouble with:

"If you're tired of the average sub, go out to your local Sandwich Hub."

What five letter word did she find anagrammed within?

-2.Ana Gram decided against ordering a sandwich, but was still hungry. She entered the kitchen to make some food, but was being dogged by this bothersome clue: Crude verse (8 letters). It wasn't until she came across the following line in her recipe book that she found her answer:

"Do not use any egg older than the expiration date, or the batch will have to be restarted."

-3.Lying in bed, five across was challenging Ana like she had never remembered: U.S. defense polygon (8 letters). Until, of course, she looked down at her hypoallergenic pillow and saw the following slogan:

"Gone is the pant, gone is the wheeze!"

-4.Ana was having a hard time seeing things, so she decided to watch some television to get her mind off the puzzle. The last clue she had seen was a doozy: White noise (6 letters). She turned on her favorite animal program just in time to catch the anagram:

"For any cat, its paws are used to create friction on the ground on which it stands..."

-5.She might be embarrassed to say so, but Ana sometimes did her crossword while she did her business in the restroom. Even there, while reading her toothpaste tube, she found some inspiration for the next clue that was bothering her: Excessive sloth (6 letters).

"If you brush like a pro rot never has a chance." t----r

-6.All this crossword business began to weigh on poor Miss Ana Gram. What if it never stopped and she saw anagrammed crossword clues for the rest of her life? She threw the thought out of her head until one morning she was waiting for the bus and saw a travel ad. A clue suddenly popped into her head: Domed edifice (7 letters).

"Relax, kick back, and tour Italy!"

-7.Despair quickly set in for our poor crossword solver. Was this how crossword experts saw the world? Nothing but potential clues? She called her mother and received yet another answer. But for this clue, she also received some good advice from her mother's words: Respire (7 letters).

"If your heart be true, then what you tell me is a true gift, a sign perhaps."

8.Ana felt a little relieved after the last episode. Perhaps this was a gift after all. She quickly opened up the newest edition of "Wacky Times" and looked at the first clue: Rummages (7 letters). To prove that she could find the answer in any source, she opened up one of her daughter's reading books. The first sentence gave her exactly what she wanted.

"The Earth Mole and Sea Frog of Furthington County set out on one of the most dangerous of adventures." f-----s

-9.Ana's daughter, Tele, had begun to worry about her. Her mother had begun to exhibit signs of bipolar disorder. One moment Ana was cheerfully penciling in answers to her crossword, the next she was obsessively reading anything in sight. Her words no longer made sense and she started shouting out clues and anagrams. She figured the only way to get through to her mother would be to help her solve the anagrams. What should Tele Gram telegram in order to get through?

"Fool," Ana shouted. "9 letters. Grain sumo."

-10.Tele Gram's muttering of the magic word broke the magic spell that had somehow seduced Ana Gram. But there was one last clue Ana needed to finish her "Wacky Times" crossword puzzle. This time she asked her daughter to help: Latin surprise ending (13 letters, 3 words). "This is the hardest one by far," Ana said, but Tele was smart enough to help her mother.

"This is indeed a surprise happy ending. A maniac hexed us and now we are saved."
(Since this is latin, the words to be anagrammed are 'maniac hexed us'.)

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1. sub+go = bogus = counterfeit (Nice puzzle Curly - thanks thumbsup) wave

Bernie monky
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Welcome Bernie.
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10. Deus ex machina grin wave
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4. static wave Morning Curly
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Good Morning, Curly cat

2. doggerel (egg older)
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7. breathe (heart +be = breathe (respire)
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3. pant-gone Pentagon
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Good ones.
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6. rotunda (and tour) wave
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9. Ignoramus wave
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Good ones.
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see hints
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5. Torpor thumbsup wave

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Merci Bernie.
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8. forages smile
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Merci Rog.