A crypt

Posted by: manxman

A crypt - 11/28/12 08:51 AM

Saw this one in the paper the other day....

Man's surroundings (5,3)
Posted by: Sondi

Re: A crypt - 11/28/12 11:20 AM

I don't have a clever cryptic answer, manxman - just a question - could it be Irish Sea? (since I think the Isle of Man is surrounded by that smile )

Posted by: manxman

Re: A crypt - 11/28/12 11:34 AM

That's a very clever question Sondi. smile
Well done thumbsup
Posted by: CanukDenis

Re: A crypt - 11/28/12 12:24 PM

How does it "work"?
Seems to be a "single definition" clue.
Pandora will need the address of the paper's Editor!
Posted by: Pandora

Re: A crypt - 11/28/12 02:08 PM

Hahahaaa! My first thought was "Isle of" but it didn't work at all.

Yeah, that's not a cryptic clue, but it was cute. smile

So how could we fix it? How about...

Main man's surroundings (5,3)