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Math Fun - 12/02/12 11:11 PM

The area of EOF is a quarter of a circle with point O at the center of the circle. The line segment AC is 8 inches long and the line segment BC is 6 inches long.

How many square inches are in the shaded areas? (Pi = 3.14)

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Re: Math Fun - 12/02/12 11:49 PM

radius = 10 (Pythagorus)
area of quarter cirle=1/4*pi*r^2=25pi
area of rectangle=48
Shaded area=25pi-48=30.5 smile12
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Re: Math Fun - 12/03/12 12:01 AM

I think you did it with one eye closed! wave12
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Re: Math Fun - 12/03/12 12:29 AM