Puzzle. Dec.5

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Puzzle. Dec.5 - 12/05/12 02:45 AM

Answers will be a pair of words that differ by only a "letterchange". The story will contain 2 sets of capitalised words - they are your clues. I have worked a sample before the first question to get you started.
Ex:David noticed that the TEMPERATURE WAS VERY HIGH when he pulled his HEADGEAR from the flames. In fact he had a -
Answer: Hot Hat
A temperature that is very high is hot. Headgear can be a hat.
Letterchange O to A.
Please remember - the clues appear in the order you will need for your answer.

-1.When they were all seated, the boss PRIMATE - Gary, headed to the bar to place their orders. Everyone wanted a cold refreshing LAGER, but there seemed to be a rather heated discussion taking place with the bartender.
Gary finally returned to the table with the drinks and was aked what the problem had been.
"Well!" he said. "When I placed my order, they tried to sell us that inferior 'Bear Beer'. I stuck to my guns though and insisted on - ." 2 words 3 letters each.

-2.The SMALL SONGBIRD was not actually all that small anymore. She had spent the best part of winter eating her huge store of delicious seed. Bertha was now far too heavy to fly, and needed help just to get out of her nest. When the emergency services arrived they assessed the situation. A call went out for a very specialised LIFTING DEVICE. What was needed here was a - . 5 each

-3. Well it was depressing. The canaries had formed a union and refused to enter mines anymore. The best workers - the sparrows - were being pushed out of the labour force entirely by the mynah birds. The foreman scratched his head. He would have to approach the LARGE BLACK BIRD who would at least be able to marshall together a motley GROUP OF WORKERS. Barry rang his boss to report that the best he could recruit for the new pit was a - . 4 each

4.The wolves were proving a problem yet again, but this time Farmer Jake thought he had it solved. He approached the local wizard and outlined his plan.
"I want you to produce a substance that renders everything it touches SEE-THROUGH. Then I want to treat all my HORNED RUMINANT MAMMALS with it. I am firmly convinced this will work. Wolves will not be able to see - ." 5 each

-5.All day long the birds had been calling the weather bureau. It was almost time to fly south and conditions looked poor. There was even talk of thunder and heavy rain. Eric the goose sighed as he waited for the operator. He really needed an accurate update.
"I'm sorry to keep you waiting sir. The VIOLENT WEATHER DISTURBANCE line has been busy all day. The LARGE WADING BIRD is free now to take your call. I'm putting you through to the - ." 5 each

-6.The Snake Marathon was about to begin and all the animals waited to see what their assigned duties were. The lions were in charge of the drink stations. The owls were taking care of the timing devices and the elephants were managing the water spray and towels at race end. The pythons and the cobras always lined up for their showers and then dried themselves in the warm sun. There was only one other VENOMOUS SNAKE in the race. He had insisted on his own special TOWEL and it was folded neatly in the corner with a sign on it that read " - ". 5 each

7.The FRESHWATER FISH was renovating his bathroom and was very excited about the new tiles he had chosen. Paul had run out of GAP FILLING MORTAR, and his wife offered to buy some more when she was shopping. He needed to ensure that she got the exact product and wrote a note. "Don't just buy any old fish mortar. Be sure to buy special - ." 5 each

-8.The statue was to be of SILVER. The whole community agreed that the SMALL GREGARIOUS BIRD should be honoured for his service to mankind, and his unswerving devotion to duty. They commissioned a famous artisan and asked that he cast a - . 8 each

9.The BLACK AND WHITE SEABIRD was so excited, his brightly coloured beak was quivering. He had no idea that when he opened the little coffee shop - specialising in SMALL CUP-SHAPED CAKES - that it would be such a roaring success. He looked across the seafront and the queue snaked back towards the headland. Without exception, every shore dwelling creature was queuing to buy a delicious - . 6 each

-10.The WILD GREY DOG shouldered the bag and headed towards what he thought must be the clubhouse. He knocked on the door and a weasel poked his head out. He had a white towel around his neck and was holding a wet sponge. He looked at the figure standing in front of him and said "I doubt you're here to see the fox box. You look as though you are ready for an EIGHTEEN HOLE GAME. If you turn left at the white gate, you will see all the others have gathered for a round of - ." 4 each


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10.Wolf-Golf santadance
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1. ape ale wave12
Posted by: bermag45

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5. Storm stork (good morning Curly wave12) thumbsup12

Bernie monky
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Good answers. Good morning.
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2. crane crank?
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Not my answer but a smart one. Try again.
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2. finch winch wave12 Morning Curly
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Thanks Cue. Morning.
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3. crow/crew wave12
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8. sterling, starling wave12
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More good ones.
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This is a stretch but here is a guess for 6.

viper, wiper
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Good one, that was no.6.
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4. sheer-sheep

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7. trout/grout smile12
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9 - puffin muffin ?

cute puzzle
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Good ones. Thanks niteowl.