Rog's Rag-bag

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Rog's Rag-bag - 12/12/12 02:12 PM

Maths, logic, trivia, puns, general silliness - an assortment of stuff too disparate to go under any other title. In other words, same old rubbish.

1. Sort and identify these four groups of seven (take any number of groups up to all four if you like grin12 )

Aeryn Ash Billy Blain Brett Chekov Chiana Crichton D'Argo Dallas Dillon Dutch Hawkins Kane Kirk Lambert Mac McCoy Parker Pilot Poncho Ripley Rygel Scott Spock Sulu Uhura Zhaan

-2. Three men make the following statements regarding a murder that they are suspected of. Two of the men are lying, & one of them is telling the truth. Exactly one of the men is guilty of the crime. Is anyone definitely guilty or innocent? Which individual(s) is most likely to be guilty?

A. I didn't do it.
B. C did it.
C. A did it.

-3. Who is the odd man out and why?
Lee, Jack, Bill, Roy, Stan

-4) A rebus:
THE      THE

-5. Chocolate truffles cost $5.00 per pound for the first five pounds and only $3.00 per pound for any amount in excess of five pounds. Rearrange the following statements to give a flow-chart which would enable you to compute the cost of any given amount of truffles.

a. Multiply by 3
b. If the amount is over 5 pounds, skip the next two statements.
c. Add 25
d. Write the result, which is the price in dollars
e. Multiply by 5
f. Subtract 5 from the weight in pounds.
g. Skip the next three statements

-6. In what surroundings would you be likely to meet an understander, a top-mounter, and a middleman? (No Googling (yet!) - guess, or feel free to ask me questions - I'm all heart...)

-7. A short word-chain. Each answer is a two-word hyphenated answer, and the second word becomes the first word of the following answer, and the chain wraps around. A hint for starting the chain - "TV medic"

a. Indoor pest
b. Person sticking up notices, usually illegally
c. Artistic medium
d. Container for the above?
e. Type of railway wagon
f. Vehicular protector
g. Alcohol drunk on the left?
h. Container for the above?
i. Horticultural aid

-8. (With apologies to Lex) Do you know how to save a drowning lawyer? Take your ---- off his ----.
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Re: Rog's Rag-bag - 12/12/12 02:38 PM

7. b,e,g,f,a,c,d wave12
Posted by: Haroula

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8.Take your foot off his head. thumbsup12 lol12
Posted by: Flo NS

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8. Take your hand off his head. rotfl12

Oh well, I'll take another one.
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Re: Rog's Rag-bag - 12/12/12 03:05 PM

3. Lee because the other names only contain one vowel whilst Lee contains two ? (or is that too simple? snicker) wave12

Bernie monky
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Re: Rog's Rag-bag - 12/12/12 03:31 PM

2. A is Lying so therefore B is also lying because C would be telling the truth, so A did it.

However, if A is telling the truth then C is lying which would leave B lying so A nor C did it which leaves B guilty.

B has to be lying because if B were telling the truth C would be lying and A would be lying so that would leave A & C as the killers.
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Re: Rog's Rag-bag - 12/12/12 04:17 PM

1. Ripley, Lambert, Parker, Dallas - Alien :)
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Cue, Haroula, Flo - excellent answers (B is innocent, and that leaves A & C both with 50% probability of guilt) thumbsup12

Bernie - nice try, but my deviousness-quotient is a bit higher evil

zook - all correct as far as it goes, but there are four groups of seven there think
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1. Kirk, McCoy, Scott, Spock, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura - crew members of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek.
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I've got a horrible feeling what that answer might generate, Fil... scared

Good solve! smile12
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3. This is just a guess after some googling. insane

From "50 Ways to leave your lover"..

You Just slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You don't need to be coy, Roy
Just listen to me
Hop on the bus, Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Just drop off the key, Lee
And get yourself free

So I'll guess, Bill (instead of Gus) is the odd man out. duh12
Posted by: zookeeper

Re: Rog's Rag-bag - 12/12/12 07:32 PM

Oops I read it wrong. I saw seven groups of four.

Posted by: Sherlock

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1. Billy Blain Dillon Dutch Hawkins Mac Poncho

All characters in the movie Predator santadance
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Re: Rog's Rag-bag - 12/13/12 07:32 AM

7. House
a. house fly
b. fly-er poster
c. poster paint
d. paint box
e. box car
f. car port
g. port wine
h. wine glass
i. glass house wave12
Posted by: Pandora

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We knew that would happen lol12
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CCb, Cheryl, Joan - all good solves! grin12
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4: on the double ?
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Re: Rog's Rag-bag - 12/14/12 02:18 PM

Yes, Denis!
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Re: Rog's Rag-bag - 12/14/12 03:43 PM

6. circus think wave12
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Re: Rog's Rag-bag - 12/14/12 04:02 PM

Great call, manxman! They are various parts of the human pyrmid. bravo12