Silver Screen

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Silver Screen - 12/14/12 02:22 PM

-1. John Dunbar was a character from which film?
-2. Which actor links Stakeout and Always?
-3. Which glamorous redhead did Orson Welles marry in 1943?
-4. Who starred as a 'grumpy old man' with Jack Lemon?
-5. Who was the star of The Blue Angel?
-6. Elizabeth Taylor won two Best Actress Oscars. One was for Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? - what was the other?
-7. What role did James Caan play in The Godfather?
-8. In 1913, Fatty Arbuckle signed up with which director of slapstick comedies?
-9. Which 1953 biopic starred Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis?
-10. In which film did the characters Doralee and Violet appear?
-11. Which company made Singin' in the Rain?
-12. "I never knew the Old Vienna" is the first line of which movie?
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3. Rita Hayworth (my mother went to a magic show given by Orson Welles after he had married Rita; Rita was there too!) wave12
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4. Walter Matthau
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7. Sonny Corleone wave12
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6. Butterfield 8
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5.Marlene Dietrich presents12
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Hey, that's cool, Marian!

All good asnwers, folks grin12
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1. Dances With wolves (great movie)
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Yes, Gail!
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The Third Man (one of my favorite films)
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9. Houdini grin12
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11. MGM? wave12
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Good answers, all! wave12

... and I agree, Sondi smile12
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2. Richard Dreyfuss

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(10) Working nine to five
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Both good! bravo12
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8. Mack Sennett

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Good clean-up, Koala! grin12