Posted by: Pandora

Brainteaser - 12/26/12 11:09 AM

The letters of the alphabet have been separated into the six groups below. How were the groups determined?

Posted by: curly

Re: Brainteaser - 12/27/12 04:10 AM

MN reminds me of Minnesota. Does the puzzle have to do with the States?
Posted by: Pandora

Re: Brainteaser - 12/27/12 08:48 AM

Yes, but "MN" does not represent Minnesota. grin12
Posted by: manxman

Re: Brainteaser - 12/27/12 09:28 AM

initials of states.....
number of states with the initials
first group = no states with each initial
second group= one state with each initial
third group= two states with each initial
fourth group = three states with each
fifth group = four states with each initial
last group = eight(?) states with each initial wave12
Posted by: Pandora

Re: Brainteaser - 12/27/12 11:37 AM

That's the answer! Well done, manxman! wave12
Posted by: CanukDenis

Re: Brainteaser - 12/27/12 11:37 PM

How are states like North, South Carolina handled?
Posted by: Pandora

Re: Brainteaser - 12/27/12 11:47 PM

North starts with N, so it's in the N group. South starts with S, so it's in the S group. smile12