Puzzle. Jan 28

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Puzzle. Jan 28 - 01/28/13 02:41 AM

Mister Magoo is in hospital for various tests as he is very myopic and has also lost his marbles. After walking into doors and stumbling over bedpans, he is now asking for your help by solving this mixture of brain teasers.

Mister Magoo is an elderly gentleman who is short sighted and very forgetful. He was ordered by his doctor to undergo various tests and when he arrived at hospital he was directed to a specific ward. Can you help him find his ward by answering this brain teaser?

Tom's nemesis + head gear + magic illusion. 9 letters

-2.Hidden Words:
Poor Mister Magoo does not like staying in hospital because he suffers with trypanophobia and he is worried that a nurse will want to take a blood sample. Can you find what he is afraid of by finding the hidden word in the following sentence?

Mr Magoo will need less sleep than someone half his age. 7 letters.(plural)

Mr Magoo has lost so much sleep that he is starting to look pale and wan. Can you help Mister Magoo identify another symptom by answering this clue which represents a common phrase?


-4.Words in Common:
Mister Magoo woke up after a fitful night's sleep only to find that a lot of medical staff wanted to arrange various tests. Can you guess which person he saw first by answering this clue?

What word can go before Watson, Who and House? 6 letters

-5.Fractured Words:
The doctor was very concerned about Mister Magoo as he immediately saw that his blood pressure reading was raised after being tested. Can you guess what the problem was by answering this clue?

Wide Code Sin Drum. 3 words

6.Missing Letters:
Mister Magoo suffers very badly with myopia, or short sightedness. While he was in hospital, the ophthalmologist carried out further routine tests. Can you find a medical term by answering this clue?

GLCM. 8 letters

-7.In Other Words:
Mister Magoo was getting very confused and mixed up. He had just seen the specialist who deals with heart problems and was told he may have to have an operation to get a special device fitted. Can you rephrase this clue?

Step Creator. 9 letters

Mister Magoo was starting to get tetchy as he was sent all over the hospital for his various tests. Can you help him out by guessing the anagram which is in block capitals?

He was too tired to REACH his next appointment so he rested WHILE the staff nurse went to search for something he could sit on. 10 letters

-9.Logic Puzzle:
Mister Magoo woke up after his afternoon snooze to see that his family had visited. This was the second time he had seen his siblings while he is staying in hospital. Can you help him solve this puzzle?

Mister Magoo is younger than Charles who is older than Elizabeth.
William is older than Charles but younger than Mary.
Elizabeth is older than Mister Magoo.
Who is the eldest?

(The answer can be either Magoo, Charles, Mary, William, or Elizabeth)

-10.Logic Puzzle:
Mister Magoo has undergone all his tests and has been given permission to return home. Before he returns home, can you answer this final clue to find something that is very dear to him?

My first is in GUMS but not in LIPS
My second is in HAND but not in HIPS
My third is in WARD but not in SMELLS
My fourth is in BLOOD but not in CELLS
My fifth is in PULSE but not in BUMPS
My sixth is in MOLES but not in LUMPS
My seventh is in ARTERIES but not in VEIN
My whole is what we need to improve Mister Magoo's brain.

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Good morning smile wave
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1. geriatric wave

gerry hat trick
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Nice starts.
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2. needles (need + less = needles)
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Good Morning, Curly cat

10. marbles
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Good ones, Hi Gem.
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7. pacemaker

Morning curly, kissy
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5. white coat syndrome grin wave
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8. wheelchair
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Morning Ladies, good ones.
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9. Mary wave Morning Curly
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3. Bags under the eyes (this makes a change - good afternoon Curly wave) thumbsup

Bernie monky
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Good ones, good morning.
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6. glaucoma
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Thanks Flo.