Posted by: Pandora

Squiggle - 02/18/13 10:44 PM

Tell us what you see! You may create a caption or a short story. Keep the entries G-rated, please. The best, most creative answer wins a beautiful, shiny trophy. You may submit as many entries as you like. This round's judge is our last winner, soot!


Judging to be done on or before this Sunday evening.
Posted by: CanukDenis

Re: Squiggle - 02/19/13 02:03 AM

Spiderman keeping in shape.
Posted by: Niki

Re: Squiggle - 02/19/13 05:03 AM

`Come into my web` said the spider to the fly snicker
Posted by: DocPaul

Re: Squiggle - 02/19/13 07:34 AM

Steve Austin, the 6 million dollar man, sends his legs first--a momentary lapse of judgement, considering what he'll now land on.
Posted by: Cue

Re: Squiggle - 02/19/13 07:38 AM

Behind the strings preparation for the hit movie "Up"
Posted by: Coreoverload

Re: Squiggle - 02/19/13 02:55 PM

"The Fall of Jeff Dunham" coming to a puppet theater near you!

Written by Walter and Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

Based on a true story.
Posted by: DocPaul

Re: Squiggle - 02/20/13 12:50 PM

Nik Wallenda agrees to attempt to walk a tightrope to the moon, using windshield wipers instead of a pole.
Posted by: soot

Re: Squiggle - 02/20/13 06:00 PM

Oh these are good...

Keep em coming!

Posted by: DocPaul

Re: Squiggle - 02/22/13 07:32 AM

"hmmm. Everyone else's parachute seems to have opened but not mine. Oh well. So far so good!!"
Posted by: Niki

Re: Squiggle - 02/22/13 07:58 AM

I`ve been hung out to dry
Posted by: Niki

Re: Squiggle - 02/22/13 08:03 AM

the wife knows how to pull my strings cry
Posted by: LadyKestrel

Re: Squiggle - 02/22/13 08:40 PM

Introducing a new show for kids: Son of Flub-a-Dub
Posted by: soot

Re: Squiggle - 02/23/13 10:01 AM

I will choose a winner tomorrow

Last call rah
Posted by: butterflybabe

Re: Squiggle - 02/23/13 12:55 PM

Oh, no, it's my husband! Quick, hide before he sees us! eek
Posted by: ScarletDragon

Re: Squiggle - 02/23/13 10:15 PM

The itsy bitsy spider waits for a waterspout.
Posted by: soot

Re: Squiggle - 02/24/13 09:51 AM

Some great story lines vying for top honors this week and it wasn't easy getting a line around one with so many, but in the end the bottom line is I was finally able to get a line on one ..

"I've been hung out to dry" is our winner. thumbsup

Congrats to Niki!!!! penguin

Posted by: Pandora

Re: Squiggle - 02/24/13 10:22 AM

Congratulations to Niki on her 4th trophy! bravo
Posted by: Urban Worrier

Re: Squiggle - 02/24/13 12:07 PM

Good one, Niki! bravo
Posted by: Niki

Re: Squiggle - 02/25/13 08:41 AM

thanks, what a lovely surprise yay
Posted by: curly

Re: Squiggle - 02/26/13 06:33 AM

Congrats Niki.
Posted by: GBC

Re: Squiggle - 02/26/13 07:45 AM

Congrats Niki bravo
Posted by: Niki

Re: Squiggle - 02/26/13 08:22 AM

thanks everyone, it`s always a surprise but a good one to win rah