Synonym Soup

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Synonym Soup - 03/19/13 11:12 AM

Although similar, synonyms have subtly different meanings and are used in different contexts. For example, the words calculate, cipher, cypher, figure, reckon and work out are all synonyms of each other because they have roughly the same meaning, but there are subtle differences. Test your synonym knowledge.


= 1 To have ___ is to have an uneasy feeling that you have acted or are about to act against your better judgment, for example, she had ___ about leaving a nine-year-old in charge of an infant.

= 2 ___ are even stronger, implying a disturbed state of mind because your'e no longer confident that what you're doing is right, for example, his ___ about letting his 80-year-old mother drive herself home turned out to be justified.

= 3 ___ implies a momentary pang of conscience because what you are doing or are about to do is unfair, improper, or wrong, for example, they showed no ___ in carrying out their devious plans.

= 4 ___ suggest a more highly developed conscience or sense of honor; it implies that you have principles, and that you would be deeply disturbed if you thought you were betraying them, for example, her ___ would not allow her to participate in what was considered anti-feminist activities.

5 ___ connotates hesitation to the point of delay, but the delay is usually caused by objections or indecision rather than a sense of conscience, for example, they accepted his decision without demur.

= a. compunction
b. demur
= c. misgivings
= d. qualms
= e. scruples
f. agree

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1. c
Posted by: curly

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4. d??
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3. a
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2 c wave thumbsup

Bernie happydance
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Gail and Bernie are correct thumbsup

Cue and Curly .. try again think

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4 e

Hi Cue.
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You've got that one spot on Curly thumbsup

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1.f wave
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Not 1-F Haroula .. try again think
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1 d?
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Qualms it is Jarkeld thumbsup