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Rhymes. - 03/26/13 02:35 AM

I have a few rhyming ditties as questions and think that follow up rhymes from you as your answers would compliment them quite nicely. So get your songwriting dictionary ready and put a rhyme after the rhyme.
A quick explanation before you begin. The following rhymes all contain clues to the two word answers. The first clue will be indicated with inverted commas and the second with quotation marks, i.e. 'clue one' and "clue two", but not always in that order. You have to come up with either a synonym or a word relating to the clues, these two words will rhyme with each other, not with the clues, and will form your final answer so make sure to type them in in the correct one, two order. For example:
The 'panda' had his very own "seat". Panda=bear and seat=chair, final answer should be 'bear chair'.
I am hoping the clues will prove to be fairly generous as I would like for this to be more entertaining than brain draining. Good luck. I give you the number of letters and the first letter of the words.

-1.A barman was told by his master
He must try to work a bit 'faster'
Patrons he'll lose
If they don't get there "booze"
And they'll never come back ever after.

What was the barman expected to serve? 2 words, 7,6,q,l

-2.A rookie "investigator"
Arrested a female sailor
But the young salty
Said the copper was 'faulty'
When he tried to interrogate her.

According to the sailor, the investigator was a...? 9,9,d,d

-3.Mae West was a wonderful wit
About a "gun" in a pocket she quipped
It went off with a ping
It was just 'a small thing'
And the man said his finger had slipped.

This man's firearm was a...? 6,5,t,r

-4.An entrepreneurial gent
Thought it would be money well spent
To build a "medical centre"
For all folks to enter
But the 'skeptic' would not pay a cent.

The entrepreneur wanted to build a...? 5,6,c,c

-5.When a 'rodent' attracts your attention
Ask and I'll probably mention
"A bar used for lifting"
Heavy things that need shifting
It's a queer yet useful invention?

This handy contraption is known as a...? 6,5,b,l

-6. A "clergyman" delivering service
Soon became sweaty and nervous
His word's turned to 'evil'
Underneath the church steeple
The Devil had posessed him for a purpose.

The Devil had turned the preacher into a...? 8,8,s,m

7.A 'hot beverage' may warm your cold feet
But when it's "a sweet" that you seek
Try mixing the two
The result you can chew
But beware they don't stick to your teeth.

What is this edible hybrid? 6,7,c,t

-8.The students in the museum hall
All stared at the "billboard" on the wall
Of the 'kitchen appliance'
A small wonder of science
That had them entranced and enthralled.

The students were looking at a...? 7,6,t,p

-9.An 'abstainer from marriage and breeding'
Was this "large flounder like sea thing"
But he did have a wish
Before becoming a dish
To have a young fish to succeed him.

This fish was a...? 8,7,c,h

-10.Said Manuel when buying a "mule"
Do you take me for some kind of fool?
This mule is 'unstable'
Like a three legged table
I'd much rather walk as a rule.

They tried to sell Manuel a...? 5,6,w,d

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1. quicker liquor smile wave
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Good start CCb.
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2. Defective detective - nice ones Curly thanks thumbsup wave

Bernie happydance
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Thanks Bernie.
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6. sinister minister

Morning curly, nice puzzle hearts
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3. trifle rifle?
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Good ones. Thanks Gail.
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4. cynic clinic grin wave
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Thanks Joan.
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I love rhymes!

8. toaster poster wave Morning Curly
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Good Morning, Curly cat

10. wonky donkey
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Good ones.
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9. celibate halibut wave
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Merci michele.
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5. beaver lever penguin
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Good one Doreen.
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7. coffee toffees/toffies
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Thanks Flo.