A crypt

Posted by: CanukDenis

A crypt - 03/28/13 01:11 PM

Great meal: one penny only! (5)

Direct = great

Testing its legality...
Posted by: Sherlock

Re: A crypt - 03/28/13 05:03 PM

OK, I'll bite. How about ample? duh

meal + P (one penny)
I would guess, if this was the answer, that it would not be legal since there's not an anag. ind. So, it's probably not the answer. crazy
Posted by: CanukDenis

Re: A crypt - 03/29/13 12:13 AM

Hint: a p(penny) is removed from a 6letter word,
leaving the 5letter word solution.
Posted by: CCbomber

Re: A crypt - 03/29/13 01:58 AM

super (supper - p)

I have no idea if it's legal or not! lol
Posted by: Lex

Re: A crypt - 03/29/13 05:16 AM

I think that's legal, at least by UK standards! chocobunny
Posted by: Pandora

Re: A crypt - 03/29/13 07:47 AM

One cannot confuse Denisian logic with cryptic legality.

That said, it's an unusual and cute cryptic clue and most likely legal. I don't think it's an &lit. bunny
Posted by: Lex

Re: A crypt - 03/29/13 08:04 AM

Here's one for Denisian logic which I saw recently (one penny only):

Military HQ in which sides' meetings are invariably obtuse (8) wink
Posted by: Urban Worrier

Re: A crypt - 03/29/13 08:16 AM

Pentagon - v. clever smile
Posted by: Lex

Re: A crypt - 03/29/13 08:51 AM

Nothing like hijacking a thread: well, the topic heading is "a crypt" after all!

Here's another one penny only offering specially for many/most boomers:

Person in last quarter of life could be this (9) grin - anagram
Posted by: manxman

Re: A crypt - 03/29/13 08:11 PM

pensioner smile
Posted by: CanukDenis

Re: A crypt - 03/29/13 11:19 PM

Illegal bar gets PG rating
Answer: blind p(i)g !