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Trade-offs - 04/26/13 09:10 PM

To make sense out of each sentence below, trade one of the letters in each word with one of the letters in parentheses. Each letter in parentheses will be used only once.

-1. Be chat wall now said tile ill daggers ace oven mast hot but so set
( a a h i l l n n p r r t t t u )
-2. Where’s nor such so tack abort it sore patties untie ode of too coupled lease
( a l l m m n r r s t t t u v w )
-3. Misses art life ogives but if I mottle – alter ore, toe rent core east
( a b e f h k k l m n o o s y )
-4. Them why take thy beat uke on tame hate note do space
( e f i m n o r s s t v y )
-5. I clip in she smoulder as I food sigh on mood hither us
( a a f g g h h i n o p t w )
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Re: Trade-offs - 04/26/13 09:27 PM

1. He that will not sail till all dangers are over must not put to sea. smile
Posted by: Pandora

Re: Trade-offs - 04/26/13 09:34 PM

Great job, Manxman! smile
Posted by: Sherlock

Re: Trade-offs - 04/26/13 10:17 PM

2. There's not much to talk about at some parties until one or two couples leave. grin
Posted by: Pandora

Re: Trade-offs - 04/26/13 11:31 PM

A horrible truth. lol
Posted by: Jema

Re: Trade-offs - 04/27/13 01:56 AM

5. A chip on the shoulder is a good sign of wood higher up. grin wave
Posted by: GBC

Re: Trade-offs - 04/27/13 06:55 AM

4. They who make the best use of time have none to spare.
Posted by: Redz

Re: Trade-offs - 04/27/13 07:13 AM

3. Kisses are like olives out of a bottle -
after one the rest come easy. kissy
Posted by: Pandora

Re: Trade-offs - 04/27/13 09:44 AM

Wonderful solves! wave smile smile