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Rhymes. - 04/29/13 02:39 AM

I will give you four words that don't seem to relate to each other at all. Find words that rhyme with those words, and tell me the common bond! Example in question 1. Good luck!
Example: Splinter, wing, dumber, bottom.
Answer: Seasons
These words rhyme with winter, spring, summer, and autumn, respectively. Since these are all seasons, that is the answer.
I will give you the first letter of the answers.

-1.Doubt, gammon, shoal, laguna. f

-2.Ton, plaque, bowler, zodiac. b

-3.Pygmalion, vermin, bench, vanish. l

4.Tails, pants, crane, silly. c

-5.Mean, quiver, chatter, pane. o

-6.Diane, eyelet, shoo, macaroon. c

-7.Peru, anchovy, screen, cart. b

-8.Kidney, muscles, foam, savannah. c

-9.Chair, dumb, crepes, tango. f

-10.Soak, laughed, maze, human. p

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Good Morning, Curly cat

1. Fish - trout, salmon, gold, tuna

New puzzle type. Not easy. I like. thumbsup
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Good one Jema. It is tough, that is why I gave the first letter. It is supposed to be impossible but I know our Boomers will get it done.
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10. presidents - Polk, Taft, Hayes and Truman
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Good one Gerry.
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8. Capitals - Sydney, Brussels, Rome, Havana wave Morning Curly

Nice puzzle smile
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7. U2, Bon Jovi, Queen, Heart - Bands devilchili

Great puzzle, Remi bravo
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9. Fruits - pear, plum, grapes and mango
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Good morning and good answers. Cue, I have cities.
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6. Colors: tan, violet, blue, maroon.

Morning curly, wave
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Hi Gail, good one.
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3. Languages - Bulgarian ?, German, French and Spanish (I don't like the first one tho') wave thumbsup

Bernie happydance
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2. bears sun, black, polar, kodiak

cool puzzle, Curly smile

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Good ones.
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5. organs: spleen, liver, bladder??, brain wave Tough puzzle smile
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Good one mxm.