Doom III

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Doom III - 06/05/07 08:17 PM

I know, this game is pretty old, but I felt like reviewing a game and I was just playing it.

Honestly, this game is disappointing to me, and here are my reasons why...

Number one, the lighting. People tell me this game looks fantastic, and I would believe them if I could see any of the backgrounds. This game is so unbelievably dark that most of the enemies you encounter will end up behind you. And yes, they give you a flashlight, but apparently in the year 2145, they can't yet manufacture weapons with lights built in, or, you know, have some duct tape laying around so you can tape the light to your weapon.

Number two, the enemies. Contrary to popular belief, the enemies in this game ARE NOT SCARY, not even in the least bit. This game is one example of where going full 3D can actually hurt the game. To make up for this, the game makes them jump out of dark parts of the map (which is pretty much everywhere), which gets old really quick, and eventually gets really annoying.

Now for the weapons. The weapons made me for frustrated than any other bad aspect of this game. Unlike in the previous Doom games, where the weapons looked, felt, and sounded powerful, none of those aspects are found here. When I was firing the pistol, I felt like I was shooting a toy gun, and it didn't have any real affect on the enemy. The same goes for most of the other weapons. None of them really have any stopping power, and they sound horrendously underpowered. That and the fact that the recoil just looks too minor for being the powerful weapons they are. Oddly enough though, they sound much more powerful when an enemy is firing it.

I would go into detail about the plot, but like any Doom game, there really isn't any depth or detail to the plot. It's essentially "Go from point A to point B and kill everything in between."
Click to reveal..
Of course they try to make up for that with the vague plot of you having to catch up to a group called Fireteam Bravo , but they get wiped out not too far into the game, leaving you alone of course.
Overall, the plot is just a really really weak excuse for the action, which is less than stellar.

Oh, by the way, I know this review is sounding really negative, but I'm sorry to say, I really don't like this game...

The last thing is the PDAs. Now in this game, not only are you gunning your way through the level, but now id decided to throw PDAs into the mix. In short, the PDAs are utterly pointless, and detracting to the already not-so-pleasant experience. Go through this logic with me...

Doom: A fast-paced high-octane shoot-em-up where you take huge powerful weapons and blast away demons from the unholy abyss while a hardcore metal track plays in the background.

PDA: a Personal Data Assistant that lets you store various things that you calmly access from time to time in case you forget something.

These not add up correctly. The whole idea that you shoot the whole area up with a Gatling gun has absolutely nothing to do with calmness, or concentration, and now you have to stop the action just so you can listen to some guy ramble on and on about strange noises he heard or how people are acting strange, which is obviously pointless considering everyone is dead anyways. The only thing the PDAs are good for is getting security codes for the cabinets scattered throughout the base. But to get the code you have to either read a very boring E-Mail, or listen to a long-winded, boring audio log about something completely unrelated and pay attention at the end, and if you didn't quite catch it, you have to listen to it all over again while an imp is making a meal out of your bottom.

I do not give Doom III a good rating, I give it a 4.5 out of 10. This game should have stayed more true to it's roots and did a better job on making the action more exciting.
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Re: Doom III - 06/05/07 09:54 PM

Thank you for your thoughts on the game.
Posted by: looney4labs

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Do you like the other Doom games better?
Posted by: Alone in the dark Freak

Re: Doom III - 06/07/07 08:14 AM

Very much so. The only classic Doom game that I don't like is Final Doom.
Posted by: Gnabgib

Re: Doom III - 01/24/08 01:35 PM

I thought the addition of PDAs was well integrated into the game.
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Doom III - 01/24/08 04:43 PM

Hi Gnabgib, Was this your first time playing the game?
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Re: Doom III - 01/25/08 12:42 PM

Try "BIOSHOCK" Alone in the dark Freak.It will ease your pain!
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Re: Doom III - 01/26/08 12:14 PM

Yes, had the game for a while but didn't get around to playing it till recently. The original doom was the first computer game i ever played.
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Re: Doom III - 02/21/08 09:58 AM

Thanks Alone, it answered my questions and I know where to point people who ask about it! Hope you find something you like better to play.
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Re: Doom III - 05/12/08 10:00 PM

Alone in the dark Freak,Hi wave
I agree with what you are saying.
I didn't like the storyline(The Plot) or the way the programmers setup things in the game. headscratch
It's the year 2145 and they still haven't found a way to attach a flashlite to gun! duh
We found a way to do that back in 20th century!
The plot I give a 2, frown and the graphics I give a 9. thumbsup
Id Software could have done better with the plot! wink

Posted by: Robert

Re: Doom III - 05/15/08 03:56 AM

It's the year 2145 and they still haven't found a way to attach a flashlite to gun!

Wow, what a strange co-incidence. I just mentioned the "duct tape mod" in your "Mod" topic on the Dark Side forum. Here's a link to it if you want to try it out.;3585059;/fileinfo.html
Posted by: Safecracker1

Re: Doom III - 05/15/08 08:54 AM

I played Doom 3 and I know about the Mod.
The programmers should have duct tape the flashlight to the gun
before the re-leased the game. duh