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Avencast - 03/19/08 05:54 AM

Since I won this game in a drawing here at Gameboomers, I thought I would share a few thoughts about the game since I finally beat Morgath last night.

I started the game about 2:30 am after several hours in The Witcher and just hated it. I simply could not get my character to move around easily or interact with objects and his environment. But a couple of weeks later I decided I was too tired that night to give it a proper chance and gave it another go.

I found you have 3 options for how you control your character with different camera angles. I worked with all three and finally found one that worked for me. After a couple of hours, I found that I was really enjoying the game and looked forward to playing it.

The game has some flaws and some REALLY annoying dialogue. The story-line is pretty predictable, but OK. Sometimes I got tired of listening to some windbag go on and on and clicked on the words so I could just read them. Some of the voice acting was really hokey too. The absolute worst was when my character (who was a Great Mage by that time) made a comment to an NPC - "Yes, he is such a darling man, isn't he?" I nearly hurled and had to click to listen again to make sure I heard correctly.

The fight music was pretty hokey too, but I did find it in my head a few times during the day.

However, in spite of all that, I have to say I really enjoyed this game. The enemies were varied and numerous and the fighting was challenging. It also had very well-integrated and challenging puzzles and riddles. Some of them rivaled those in a good Adventure Game. My favorite detail was how you could open up your character screen while you were buying and selling with Gorlin. By right clicking on an item you wanted to buy - say a helmet - it would not only show you the different attributes of this item, but also the attributes of the same item already worn by your character. That way you could compare them and decide whether to buy. A very nice feature.

I played on the easy setting and someday will play again on the hard or expert setting. At the end, I thank Gameboomers for the game!
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Re: Avencast - 03/19/08 08:02 AM

Thanks Draclvr, I'm glad you gave it a second chance. Isn't it funny how giving the game a second look worked out. That comparison screen sounds like a great feature.

When you play again, will you still be a Mage? Or is there a choice?
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Re: Avencast - 03/19/08 11:23 AM

Draclvr -- thanks for the review! That's great that there were varied difficulty settings -- important for adventure gamers who might want to try something different.
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Re: Avencast - 03/19/08 11:33 AM

Hi Draclvr smile

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game bravo

I too won a copy in the Gameboomer Giveaway but despite changing camera angles and anything else I could change - and starting over three times because I thought I knew more what to do by the third try - the game just proved too difficult for me sad

As you might guess, my repertoire of played right to the end RPGs is not what could be called "huge" lol


Mad wave

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Re: Avencast - 03/19/08 06:30 PM

l4l, you will always be a Mage in this game. However, at a certain point you have to choose between being a Soul Mage and a Blood Mage. Soul Mage has spells that work at a distance and the Blood Mage spells are for close up fighting. I picked Soul Mage and I LOVED those spells. One of them delivered over 1,000 hit points! Next time will be at a higher difficulty level and as a Blood Mage...

Becky, this is sooo not an adventure game, but I agree that an adventure gamer who wanted to play something different might be tempted to give it a try!

Mad, remember you are "levling up" each time you try to play one! evil
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Re: Avencast - 03/20/08 04:21 AM

Thanks Drac, sure appreciate you writing about your experience with the game!
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Re: Avencast - 03/20/08 11:30 AM

Ahhhh, Drac--then I'd be a Soul Mage as I like to stand back and annihilate puppy
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Re: Avencast - 03/20/08 11:53 AM

Hi smile

Just had to laugh, L4L, as I am more the type who stands back and GETS annihilated !! rotfl


Mad wave
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Re: Avencast - 03/20/08 12:20 PM

Yes, there is that too. I have learned to dodge well or cast a Protection Spell First! lol