Broken Sword Smoking Mirror

Posted by: bigmamma1

Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/15/08 03:30 PM

Another great older game played perfectly on Win XP. I bought this one way back when I had the 64MB WIN 98 machine,never got around to play it and didn't try it on my new one (now Obsolete!)fearing it wouldn't play.
Anyway I finally decided to give it a try and lo and behold-it worked!

I thoroughly enjoyed George and Nico in Sleeping Dragon and hoped this one would be as good. I wasn't disappointed.The Quirky humor and great accents were all there as well as the superbly done animated graphics, even tho "outdated" by todays standards. For a 1997 game it holds up well.

This point and click adventure opens with George tied up in mysterious Prof. Obier's house in Paris. Nico has disappeared.
Your first task is to free George and find Nico, of course. Along the way, an ornate stone-a Mayan artifact-shows up. And that leads them to a little tourist town in Central Amarica and some amusing characters and tounge-in-cheek commentary on the Tourism and development scene. Nico has a funny encounter with an amorous General who is under the control of his mother-"La Presidenta"

The game begins to switch back and forth between George and Nico,when they each begin a quest to find two more Mayan stones. George winds up on a Carribean island and meets two eccentric elderly sisters, among others and Nico finds herself at some docks in London dealing with some tough characters. George lands on a movie set where a hip Hollywood version of Treasure island is being filmed. Some amusing commentary on the Scene here-"this would start Robert Louis Stevenson spinning in his grave!" says George.

And so it goes until the end where they each have to puzzle their way out of a very sticky situation.

For the most part the puzzles are logical, fit in with the story and move the story along. There are a lot of conversations and all of certain ones have to be completed to get things to happen, but you can't progress to the next location unless everything is completed, so no endless backtracking.Most of the conversations had enough humor and interesting tidbits to keep me amused while trying to exaust all possibilities of who to talk to. You can meet with your demise in a few places, so don't forget to save when things look "iffy"

I give this one an enthusiastic thumbsup! Heres hoping the Broken Sword series isn't finished yet-would love to see more of George and Nico.
Posted by: misslilo

Re: Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/15/08 03:37 PM

Great review laugh

And yes, there's a fanmade broken Sword 2.5, that should be released soon (august?) as a free download only.
Posted by: Volkana

Re: Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/15/08 03:49 PM

This game is in my top five list... I played it a lot of times and it's one of my first games i ever played. I love it

Thanks for the review bigmamma. Glad you enjoyed it wave
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/15/08 04:16 PM

Thanks Bigmamma wave
Posted by: Mad

Re: Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/17/08 04:10 AM

Hi bigmamma1 smile

Thank you for your review .... One of my all time favourite games that gets re-played regularly bravo bravo


Mad wave
Posted by: chrissie

Re: Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/17/08 02:46 PM

Thanks for a great review bigmamma! thumbsup BS1 was the first AG I ever played - believe it or not I was so new to AGs that when I first tried it I ditched it fairly early on because there was a lot of dialogue & there didn't seem too much to do!

Out of desperation for something to play (I didn't have a PC, just a PS1 at the time) I later gave it another longer shot to end up totally addicted to it! After that I just had to have the Smoking Mirror - it took a while to find & I found it just as good as the 1st one!

I have played BS1& 2 several times & even bought a version for PC which plays perfectly. Have you played the first game bigmamma? smile
Posted by: bigmamma1

Re: Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/17/08 03:58 PM

Hi chrissie-
Havn't played #1-would like to find it if it plays on XP.
Posted by: Volkana

Re: Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/17/08 06:19 PM

Hi bigmamma1. I had some problems with the colors with XP pro SP2 but not all the times i intalled it... duh
Posted by: misslilo

Re: Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/18/08 01:48 AM

Broken Sword 1 + 2 both play excellent in ScummVM smile
With sound, music and all. Runs like a dream.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/18/08 07:09 AM

Thanks for the review, bigmamma1! It's great to know this game runs easily in WinXP. It's the only Broken Sword I haven't played yet -- gotta make time for it one of these days.
Posted by: oldmariner

Re: Broken Sword Smoking Mirror - 07/25/08 05:06 PM

bigmamma1, nice review I pretty much agree with everything I have the original Circle of Blood, BS1, and it plays fine in XP. Never had any issues running it. If BS1 is not the best ever game it is not too far down the list.