Return to Mysterious Island

Posted by: bigmamma1

Return to Mysterious Island - 01/16/09 04:26 PM

Jules Verne revisited-in an up to date setting: You are Mina, stranded on a deserted island when she washes up on the beach, shipwrecked on a round the world sailing expedition.

After trying out your cell phone, which of course dosn't work,you realise you must start exploring and use your wits to get off this beautiful but mysterious island. The main focus in this game is finding things-tools, plants,chemicals, dirt, well anything you can pick up and put in your huge inventory. And then putting them together to form useful things that will advance you along in the story.This is definitely an inventory based game in the truest sense of the word. The other challenge is to find all the hot spots that the things will interact with.

Later on Mina acquires an assistant-a helpful monkey named Jep-who can also combine with inventory items and do handy things that Mina can't do. She will also gain access to an "encyclopedia" feature which gives additional information and hints about things in the inventory and how they can be used. This is especially helpful when dealing with chemicals for those without a degree in Chemistry.

The environments in the game are beautifully presented, colorful, imaginative and varied. You really feel as though you are on a deserted island and are experiencing the exploration of hidden pathways, figuring out how to get to inaccessable places, such as over a huge pile of fallen logs or over a deep chasm.

As the back story unfolds you will encounter evidence that Jules Verne's story of the Nautilus and the mysterious island are connected, adding a deeper dimension to the puzzle of why Mina can't reach the outside world.

The game ran and installed smoothly on WIN XP. I played it as part of the "Adventure Collection" that includes 4 other games.There were no crashes and the interface worked well.There are no slider puzzles, no timed puzzles, no mazes, no intricate mchines.There is a tricky safe cracking puzzle and a music puzzle with organ keys that I found challenging.(Thanks to MaG I got past them!) Most of the things you have to put together are logical and make some kind of sense. You can meet your demise 2 or 3 times but saving regularly solves this problem.

I enjoyed this game and thought it well worth playing, especially now that it can be had for a small price. thumbsup
Posted by: Becky

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/17/09 08:44 AM

Hi bigmamma1 -- thanks for another fine review! You chose a good time to play this game, as a sequel is now in the works. grin
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/17/09 12:00 PM

Bigmamma1--It took me awhile to get "into" that game but once I did, I really enjoyed it. Love the monkey surfing puppy
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/17/09 09:40 PM

Hi Bigmamma1. Great review. I loved this game. I can't tell you how many times I have played it, at least 10 times. Loved the graphics and glad to hear that another one is in the works!
Becky, when will it be out?

Take care,
Terri happydance
Posted by: Marian

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/17/09 11:37 PM

Terri, I think Kheops is aiming for a March/April release for the sequel; we shall see. I'm looking forward to it, as well! smile
Posted by: chrissie

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/18/09 03:09 AM

Thanks for a great review bigmamma! thumbsup It was quite a long time ago I played the game & am now tempted to play it again! smile
Posted by: Becky

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/18/09 07:58 AM

Terri -- I don't have any definite info on the release date, but what Marian said sounds good. thumbsup
Posted by: Mad

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/18/09 10:44 AM

Hi bigmamma1 smile

Thanks for your review - enjoyed it thumbsup

I really liked the game - in fact I really like MOST Kheops games. They are usually very well made and great entertainment value bravo
Posted by: old lady

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/18/09 10:54 AM

Thanks bigmamma1, a great review. I too have played this game many times, the puzzles are good and you can replay many times as there are differant ways to solve many of the puzzles. It has aways been in my top ten and I look foward to the sequal very much
Posted by: bigmamma1

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/18/09 03:04 PM

waveHi everyone-
Thanks for all your comments-I too will look forward to the sequel with anticipation!
Posted by: sarahandus

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/19/09 08:38 AM


I too love the game and have replayed it many times. However I have to mention you are incorrect in saying there are no timed puzzles, there are 2. Though the times are generous and doable even by a klutz like me.
Posted by: bigmamma1

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/19/09 03:47 PM

Yes, sara-you are right! I forgot about those. They were so forgiving, they didn't make a big impression, I guess.
Posted by: HeavenlyJoy

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/21/09 10:15 PM

I loved this game also, I didnt know there was a sequel, Yahoo!!!,
I sent it recently to a friend, in japan, because I think
it is a good beginner game. It is generous with
things to do and pick up smile
Loved it because of this, made it felt more relaxing...
Posted by: Penny Lane

Re: Return to Mysterious Island - 01/26/09 08:13 AM

This is one of my favorite games. Well worth purchasing!