2nd Review: Warnings at Waverly Academy

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2nd Review: Warnings at Waverly Academy - 03/15/11 11:47 AM

Plot: A
The plot for WWA is very juicy and suspenseful, to say the least. It really allows you to feel as if you are staying at the boarding school in reality. All of the girls have a strong motive and it makes it very hard to have an original suspicion. The history of the academy and puzzles were interesting as well. I thought the idea of incorporating "The Black Cat" in warnings(think paw print w/ scratch) was genius. The length to complete did feel shorter than SAW though. I don't want to give too much away but you'll be in for a treat!

Characters: A+
The characters in this installment were especially convincing. Their voices and appearances matched them completely. The game did use the typical stereotypes for "Diva, Athletic, Nerd, Goth, Weird, and Outcast", however. It was nice to see at least, that they didn't have all the girls look like barbie clones. As mentioned earlier, each had very specific motives for the warning notes and their text messages to you felt very real--typical girl gossip. Sometimes a prefect would walk the halls with her flashlight causing a sense of panic to hide, which was pretty neat.

Location: B-
The location takes place at the Academy and somewhat on the grounds around it. As far as the academy goes, it looks very stuffy and regal just like their boarding school should. The note to detail was really spot on such as the layout of the rooms and wallpaper. The library especially just screamed "historic".
I was disappointed,however, that we could not explore much of the outside or even visit the boys section. Would have made it even more interesting in plot and exploration.

Puzzles: C+
One of the music puzzles was really fun and the snack shop wasn't too bad. I did not like whenever the snack shop would be timed if a teacher walked in or a certain task dealing with pictures. The girl in charge of that task was very precise in what she wanted--which caused frustration and deletion of many pictures. The puzzles in this installment were somewhat challenging but really depending on your previous knowledge of the subject.

Ending: B
The ending tied up loose ends nicely but did not really explain why she was so determined to get what was secretly hidden, only how she did it. It also seemed rather abrupt in the storyline, at least to me. If anything, certain events leading up to the ending were what really was shocking. I'll leave it at that wink

I thought this was a solid installment with mystery and intrigue. If you are a female then you will definitely understand the gossip and cliques of girls. Though some of the puzzles/chores were frustrating, they did add to the realism of being at a boarding school. Some characters you'll love, others you'll highly dislike and root for them to be the suspect. The twists of this game are very surprising and well played out. This may not have been the longest, but it is definitely worth your time and money. So what are you waiting for? Buy it today!

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Thanks for another interesting read, Dreamer1990. Player reviews are always much appreciated thumbsup
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Welcome grin
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Thank you Dreamer for another interesting review! smile
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Thanks Dreamer, player reviews really help our members when it's time to decide which games are worth their time. wave
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I enjoyed this game, but didn't actually finish it. Now you've made me curious about the ending! Thanks for the review. wave
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Re: 2nd Review: Warnings at Waverly Academy - 03/17/11 02:25 PM

It's my pleasure. I love researching and discussing topics, so this is like a hobbie smile

Yes, the ending is quite unexpected, Becky. I would suggest revisiting...you may need a walkthrough for some puzzles though because they're quite complicated if you aren't already familiar with the history behind them.

I'm glad that I'm joining a true Nancy Drew Crew(fan title for ladies who love Nancy Drew)
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to Fellow ND Crew Member Dreamer
I agree with you on some of the puzzles. I needed a few hints. The hardest puzzle for me was the tree climbing ARRRRGH!
Darned squirrel.

The ending for me just showed me how determined she was to get what she wanted when she wanted it. She had to be #1.

This game truly played like original games with better acting and better graphics

Good job Dreamer! Hear Hear! rah

If you've given up on ND games then this is the game that'll draw you back in!
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Re: 2nd Review: Warnings at Waverly Academy - 03/18/11 01:03 PM

Yeah, the squirrel was a bit tricky. I had to reload the scene 304859308 times to sketch out where he went. Cute little bugger, though!
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