Posted by: Debra

REALMS OF THE HAUNTING - 05/01/01 10:41 AM

Realms of the Haunting is a point and click
adventure game that has action elements.
Don't let that put you off as you can choose
easy, medium or hard to play the game on and
at easy I could do it and I'm no great shakes
at offing monsters.
This game is loooong so you get a lot of bang for your bucks. People who like puzzles
this one is for you. People who like really
spooky games this one is for you.
OK here goes. A young man has received notification of his minister father's death.
A mysterious package comes with some broken
seals in it. About the same time a weird
visitor shows up claming to be his father's
friend. He's not. The son takes off for England and is deposited outside a very evil looking house. As he enters the door closes itself and locks. You can't get out that way, dude.
You roam the house where pictures watch you
and doors are sealed by runes until you complete certain tasks. There's monsters here, but nothing you can't handle. You get
a varied choice of weapons as the game progresses. Your father's ghost begs for help as he's held captive in spirit, by some decomposing looking knights. Find him help him!
After completing tasks you meet a young woman you helps (?) you in your quest and
others who set you on your main quest to
get to the soulstone and set the world right.
There are lots of worlds that you must go
to and yes, there is a maze in the pot of puzzles to be solved. All of the worlds are
extremely strange. The people are so enigmatic. Letters and journals begin to reveal more as the story opens up.
This is the only game I have ever screamed
out loud while playing. I was peeking around
a door to make sure there was no monster and
when I turned around he was right in my face!
The graphics are not the best I've ever seen
and it is full motion video, but the plot and
weirdness of the thing held my interest totally. I could not quit playing it.
Adventure gamers give this one a try. I do
believe you will like it. It is on my top
ten list. The only thing I really hated was
the ending, but then I think that's a failing
with most games.
Posted by: syd

Re: REALMS OF THE HAUNTING - 05/01/01 01:37 PM

Thanks for the review Debra - I have started and stopped this game around 10 times now - always at the same place - just as I pick up that first weapon. I've had the game since it first came out years ago. After reading your wonderful review I'm going to have to buckle down and actally play this.

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Posted by: oldman

Re: REALMS OF THE HAUNTING - 05/01/01 01:56 PM

I too was reluctant to play the game because of the action, and for me, the darkness of the game. My new monitor handled the darkness problem so I delved into it and was presently surprised.

The action on the easy level is a piece of cake. I was able to get through the 1st couple of chapters with only the sword. When the monsters get tougher you pick up tougher weapons. Backing up and whacking (or shooting) away dispatches the monsters easily.

You can configure the controls to your taste and configure mouse and keyboard. I was able to get through the whole game using the arrow keys for movement and the mouse left button for firing(slashing with sword) right button for opening doors etc.

Try it you'll like it Syd.

Once you master the controls (easily done) then the monsters are just an inconvenience while you adventure away.
Posted by: Don M

Re: REALMS OF THE HAUNTING - 05/01/01 04:52 PM

Hi Debra,

ROTH is also in my top ten. It's a absolute jewel of a game that get's very little notoriety. It deserves much more praise than it ever received.

Posted by: Susie-Q

Re: REALMS OF THE HAUNTING - 05/01/01 06:01 PM

If you look under the thread by Jenny (today's date) Dragon's Den has ROTH for 2.95. Great review. I thought I would hate this game but it really hooked me. It ended up being one of my favorites. I did have to use the cheats for more bullets as I have trouble with the shooting parts. But I loved exploring the house. Susie
Posted by: Gamer

Re: REALMS OF THE HAUNTING - 05/01/01 09:30 PM

Don is absolutely right, I just loved that game, I bought it when it first came out and
couldnt stop playing it, I really enjoy a little action in adventure, Its one of those games I know I'll be playing againand also one that I will not trade or sell.
I'ts a sleeper that deserves alot more credit IMO.

Posted by: Rick36

Re: REALMS OF THE HAUNTING - 05/09/01 06:33 AM

Just want to add my praise or this excellent game.

Excellent stoyline, well developed throughout the game, intriguing and original

Super gameplay.

Huge gaming environment and very long (though at the end I was still disappointed when it finished and wanted more).

Packed with all manner of puzzles.

This one is in my top five, and if pushed to give 1-5, would certainly be in the running for top slot.