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Botanicula - 11/16/12 06:23 PM

Just finished this amazing game by Amanita Designs.Downloaded from GOG when they had the half price sale. It ran perfectly on WIN 7 with no problems or crashes.
Who would think a poppy pod, an acorn, a feathery seed, and a spikey stick could be so entertaining?
These little creatures are trying to save their world from the huge monster spider. This world consists of one plant, for which you acquire a map of sorts. at first your creatures are racing among green stems and branches, then the scene changes to the veins and holes of a brown leaf, and eventually to a dead leaf on the ground-all this from a miniscule insect's point of view.
There is music(pleasant to the ear if repetitious) and great sound effects along with the action: boiiing!bong! pinng!blurrp!bzzzz! Well, you get the idea.
The worlds are colorful, out of this world imaginative, simple and complex.
I have to really think of it as a work of art, the images are done with such care and imagination. There are around 150 critter character cards to collect, an amazing variety of the weird and wonderful.There are missions to accomplish and puzzles of varying complexity to figure out.
If you are looking for a game that is unique in every way, this one's for you happydance
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Re: Botanicula - 11/16/12 07:55 PM

lovely review ,bigmamma !
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You are so right about this game bigmamma1! I absolutely loved it and have played it several times, something I rarely do. Love when they all get excited about a conquest. wink
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I have to really think of it as a work of art
-- I agree! You brought back memories of one of the most unusual "teams" in gaming. thanks
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Re: Botanicula - 11/17/12 02:54 PM

Bigmamma, I have it in my to-be-played pile wave
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Re: Botanicula - 11/18/12 01:40 PM

Thanks bigmamma1 for your impression of the game - I completely agree! It didn't immediately appeal to me then I got addicted & played through a few times - I found all of the critter cards except for 1!
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Re: Botanicula - 11/19/12 12:41 PM

thanks for all your replies
I found 104 critter cards-will definitely play it again to find them all.Hope Amanita makes another one!