The Black Mirror (Spoilers)

Posted by: Steven Bostancic

The Black Mirror (Spoilers) - 01/06/07 09:04 PM

Welcome To Black Mirror

When I 1st started playing Black Mirror, I was astonished by the exquisite begin of William Gordon falling to his death. Little did I know what was going to happen further in the game. Playing as Samuel Gordon, I was abel to continue what William started before his death.

The Negatives

The Script - Every time it's like "(Insert Name) I would like to talk with you" or something like that, I kept thinking that Samuel was being a little to polite. Just ask the question.
Interactive Hotspots - I know its called "Black Mirror" but they could have called it "Red Cursor" with all the interactive hotspots there were. Don't get me wrong, I liked when I could learn a little tidbit from them, but there were just to many.
Come Back Later - I have to say, Samuel got a great exercise by walking so many places just waiting for the right time to come back. I just wanted to tell the people "HURRY UP" anytime they said to come back later. It was not necessary.
The End - Which I will get to at the end.

The Positives

The Story - I loved the story Black Mirror had. With all the serches and murders i was kept on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.
Samuel's Willpower - I can't begin to describe how many adventure games i have come across where the person i am playing won't kill the animal or do something harmful to another person when it would be so much easier to do so. <span class="spoiler_containter"><span class="spoiler_wording">Click Here For A Spoiler</span><span class="spoiler_text">I loved how he shot the wolf, drugged the boiler man, and even harmed Dr. Smith.</span></span> I know it sounds crazy, but I loved it.
Locations - The new locations I would come across made me feel as if I were in Black Mirror.

That's All He Wrote

Ok, I had one huge problem with the game. That was the end. <span class="spoiler_containter"><span class="spoiler_wording">Click Here For A Spoiler</span><span class="spoiler_text">It's not the fact that it was predictable, but the fact that Samuel goes and kills himself. I kept thinking of Nickelback's "Savin' Me". I play as him all this time, befriending all these people, getting rid of the curse, only to die in the end. I guess to the developers thats a good way to end it, but i would rather have seen an ending with Samuel, Victoria, and Bates having a good time together on a sunny day at Black Mirror.</span></span>

Final Grade - A
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Re: The Black Mirror (Spoilers) - 01/06/07 10:36 PM

Thanks for the review, Steven. I thought the story was very riveting. This was one of the first adventure games I played. It hooked me.

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Hi Steven -- Welcome! whistle

Thanks for a fun review!
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Hi Steven smile

Thanks for your review - and count me, too, amongst those who enjoyed the game thumbsup thumbsup


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