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DESTINY 09'S REVIEWS OF MYST AND RIVEN -- A Compilation - 04/24/04 06:13 PM


When I first played this game I thought it was very hard but as I played more of the game and progresed further it got a litttle easier.
For all of you who don't know the storyline of this game here it is. You find a strange book entilted Myst, as you look through this book you find the book describes an island called Myst, nothing much to this book right? Wrong! As soon as you open up this book and lay your hand on the last page your'e instantly transported to the island that was described in the book. Now that you've arrived you have no choice but to look around and explore the island and hope you can get back to where you came from.

The myst island is only the starting point for the game. As you go along the game you'll discover there are other worlds to visit but unfortuntly, you can't get to those worlds untill you solve the puzzles on the island.

You'll also discover more to the storyline as you go along about a man named Atrus and his two sons Sirrus and Achnar. Getting tired of falling through books?

Well get used to it.

You'll be visiting differnt worlds and doing alot of exploring.You'll discover sirrus and achnar and later on Atrus himself. It will be up to you to descide who to trust.As you progress through the game you will find that there's more to this story than you once thought. It will be up to you to unlock the mystery and find the real truth.

Good luck to all of ya playing this game!
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I' ve finished Myst II :Riven just recently and I've decided to do a review of it.

I'll have to say It's an amazing game even better than the first. And it's got really good graphics.
The storyline for this game is differnt than the one before it and for all of you who haven't heard it hear it is. You arrive in D'ni and meet up with atrus again.

Atus says he needs your help to rescue his wife Catherine. He gives you his diary and a book that apears to be a linking book back to d'ni but is actually a prison book. Atrus says you'll need this prison book to capture Ghen. He dosen't say who Ghen is But it's obvious he's the enemy.You'll find out more about Ghen later, now to continue with the story. Atrus warns you that once he's sent you to Riven there's no way out and no looking back.

He tells you that once you've found Catherine to signal him and he'll take the linking book to Riven and he'll bring you both back. Then he tells you that most of what you need to know is in the diary he gave you and sends you on your way to Riven.

Before you start any exploring you should read the diary that Atrus gave you.You read on some more and discover that the world you are now standing on has been decaying for a while and is now in it's last days.You close the book, your mission now clear.Good luck playing!
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Welcome Destiny09!

What good word-pictures! If I hadn't already played Myst and Riven, your descriptions would certainly make me want to.

Myst was my first adventure game. Lots of good memories there.

And as for Riven -- one of the best ever made. The attention to detail is amazing. And the roller coaster rides are heart-stopping.
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Thanks for the comment!

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Hi Destiny-
Myst was the first adv. game I ever played-it took me ages to figure out how to get off that island!
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I couldn't play Myst on my puter, always got bounced to the desktop going to channelwood... so I had to wait for Real Myst and that was wonderful!!!