Nile An Ancient Egyptian Quest

Posted by: Namma

Nile An Ancient Egyptian Quest - 05/08/01 04:38 PM

Game Requirements: Windows 95, Pentium 100, 16 MB Ram, 4X CD Rom

Recommended: Windows 95, 166MMX, 24 MB Ram, 8X CD Rom

Played on: Windows 98, 433 CPU, 96 MB Ram, 52X CD Rom and a 3D Graphics Accelerator
(I had to lower the graphics 2 notches and close all background programs to load and run. Then it ran beautifully, with no glitches)

Mostly linear point and click (optional use of arrow keys for walking around) adventure that comes on 3 CDs. Minimal disk swapping (requires starting from CD1). The graphics, sound and music were all quite clear. Most of the narrations are done by Kelly McGillis and the music is done by Brian Eno.

Your Quest is to travel through 3 different kingdoms of Egypt and restore the Life Forces of 3 Rulers. To do so you will visit pyramids, temples, tombs and sail the Nile. You will need to find artifacts, solve puzzles and play games.

The interface is easy to learn within a few minutes by reading the help pages. Built into the interface is an excellent map feature that shows you where you are, where you have been and allows you to instantly transport to any place that you have already been within that kingdom. It also allows you to replay any of the video stories for that kingdom. However there is no way to skip through any of the videos. Anubis is always available to give you a small clue if you should need it. And after you have attempted a puzzle or game a couple of times, Anubis will give you the option to try again or to continue on without dishonor.

Special Perks: There are games that you can play straight from the disk. Senet, Hounds & Jackals. The 3rd CD allows you to visit a special section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Overall I enjoyed the game quite a lot. However there is an arcade sequence that is repeated 3 times throughtout the game. Sailing the Nile. You may elect to continue on without dishonor to have it completed for you. (I'm sure you all know, that's exactly what I did) The game sells for about $60 and in my personal opinion is definitely not worth it. If you can get it for trade, loan or bargain bin (under $20), I would recommend (I got it in a trade) Since the game is not overly long nor complex (no hair pulling here) it's a good game for in between those other games that we need a break from due to their intensity.

Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Nile An Ancient Egyptian Quest - 05/08/01 10:32 PM

Cheryl, thanks for the heads up on Nile.

I remember some questions being raised on the main board abut this game and I think your review will answer those. It does sound as if I will wait a bit on this game. The price is a bit steep for any game (except Exile: Collectors Ed. ha-ha)

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Nile An Ancient Egyptian Quest - 05/08/01 11:04 PM

I think I've seen in in Best Buy for about $20. The cheapest I've seen it is in a bargain bin for $5, but that was almost 2 years ago. I might have gotten it, but it didn't look like an adventure game and the box was beat up too.
Posted by: Namma

Re: Nile An Ancient Egyptian Quest - 05/08/01 11:17 PM

Laura, you're absolutely right to wait on this one. The price is way too steep for the amount of game that you will get.

Jenny100 there are 2 different games out entitled Nile. This one, which is an adventure game, and Nile A Passage to Egypt which I don't believe is an adventure. I think it is more educational. If you find this one for $5 again it would be well worth getting for that price.

Hugs, Cheryl