Beneath a Steel Sky

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Beneath a Steel Sky - 11/21/12 04:02 PM

A classic adventure game you can download for free at GOG.
By Revolution Software in 1994, its comic book style artwork holds up very well and thanks to GOG it plays on high end WIN 7 computer.
Point and click, takes place in a futuristic,controlled.technocratic society where the natural world has been obliterated and replaced by huge skyscraper cities connected by ramps and flying vehicles.Everything that affects the peoples lives is controlled by "LINC" an all seeing and all knowing powerful mainframe computer that watches and reports rebels to the central government.All who don't fit in to the norm are relegated to "the gap", the empty wasteland outside the city.
You play as Robert Foster, who was stranded there as a boy and left to fend for himself.The story begins when armed swat team types put him in a helicopter to return him to the city, but it crashes and he escapes,knowing the corruption of the system and its high officials.
Your mission as Robert, should you accept it,is to penetrate the lower depths of the city and find some answers.You make your way down the towers, through the dark, forbidding factory level, the residential level with condos for the elite,and the strange colorful artificial copy of the extinct natural world which is their playground.
Comic relief is scattered throughout the dialogue with the various characters you need help from along the way.You have a robot helper named Joey who provides humor even though you are in a dark, dystopian world.The extent of the environmental destruction is hinted at in a conversation with beaurocrat Charles Lamb who is clueless about the horror of his coat being made of the last ten beavers left in the world.
Although the story carries a serious message about a possible future world, there are some funny moments and amusing characters that make it light hearted at the same time.
Even though the graphics are from an earlier time in the gaming world, the story draws you in and you forget about the"old fashioned" look.An enjoyable game-and the price is right!
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Thanks for your thoughts Bigmamma1. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Ana wave
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I enjoyed your review, Bigmamma1, thank you thumbsup

It's very many years since I played this oldie so I might just have to visit GOG and get it !! laugh
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Re: Beneath a Steel Sky - 11/28/12 03:28 PM

Thanks for your helpful review. This is one that's been on my list for a long time. Maybe I'll move it up several notches. wave