Louisiana Adventure

Posted by: PilotJack

Louisiana Adventure - 11/30/12 06:21 PM

Louisiana Adventure is a great game and I highly recommend it. I played the game very shortly after its release. The game has several puzzles none of which are of any difficultly to solve. The story line is easy to follow and the characters make for an interesting story. Some talk has circulated in reference to the fact that the only walkthrough is in German and difficult to translate.
My only complaint of the game is that it has a couple of glitches that can cause some frustration. One being if the inventory is full any attempt to excess the inventory will result in being kicked out to your desk top. The solution is to limit all your inventory items until after the cabin escape at the swamp. In order to continue you must have three vacant places on your inventory screen in order to accomplish the next task.
The other glitch is later in the game there is a piano puzzle, that when solved will cause the game to freeze up and there is no way to unfreeze it without a cold boot or using task manager to get out of the frozen game. The solution is when the last note is entered immediately hit the escape key. If done properly they game will proceed without any further complications.
The ending seemed strange to me, however there may be several ending available.
I do recommend this game and on a score of 1 to ten one being poor no fun and lousy, I would give this game an 8 or 9.
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Re: Louisiana Adventure - 11/30/12 06:38 PM

Thanks for your thoughts PilotJack!

Ana wave
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Louisiana Adventure - 12/01/12 01:46 PM

Eeeek, freezing glitches. Thanks, PilotJack wave12
Posted by: kjos

Re: Louisiana Adventure - 12/03/12 12:14 PM

I downloaded the patch. Started to play this game again and will pick up everything I can and see if the patch works.
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Louisiana Adventure - 12/04/12 04:08 PM

Let us know Kjos wave12
Posted by: kjos

Re: Louisiana Adventure - 12/04/12 06:06 PM

Just about to the end of the game, gave the briefcase to the pharmacist and the game crashed. Ran good until then
Tried a few times still crashed. Just deleted the game. I finished the game before though so I know the ending. Still a good game.
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Louisiana Adventure - 12/04/12 09:53 PM

Ahhh, sorry to hear it still crashed, but thanks for letting us know you were able to finish it. wave12