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Sinkha - 05/29/01 02:05 AM

Sinkha isn’t an adventure game in even the most limited sense (you have been warned). It began life intended to be a printed graphic novel utilising computer generated 3D graphics, but evolved over its production phase into a multimedia experience. You read a story, supported by stills and animated images, backed by some ambient noise and an eclectic, mostly techno-Vangelis soundtrack.

It is however an adventure story. Thalissar is the only city on the uninhabitable planet of Ogon. Its steel walls wail and moan, and it is hiding an unknown secret. Its inhabitants pass the time utilising biochemical induced dreams, but Heylen dreams of escaping Thalissar, her only hope the almost mythical Star Portals. That is until a Sinkha ship - a ship of the Gods - arrives.

As the whole point of this cd is the story, enough said.

The “illustrations” - both still and animated - are at times extremely impressive. The maker was a science fiction illustrator, and clearly not a bad one. The grandeur and size of space is conveyed equally as well as the claustrophobic and stifling canyons of the city. There is something Geiger-esque about some of the images, particularly one of the alien beings. It will appeal visually to fans and non-fans alike.

The images flash on and off the screen, sometimes more than one at once, they morph into each other, and zoom in and out. Intersperse them with the animated sequences, and there is always something happening on the screen.

The barbie-doll characters left me a little cold though, particularly when Heylen was in one of her more sultry poses. It was out of place, which made it even more odd. Sex might sell books (and lots of other things), but I’m not sure if it sells cd rom deep space adventure comic books.

It will take you about an hour, and is worth that much of your time.

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Hi flotsam,
you certainly picked my interest...any idea where I can find this game????
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I saw it being sold somewhere (not very helpful I know), but in Mac only. I will see if I can hunt out where.
Mine is a hybrid.