A Feeble excuse for a game??? NOT!!

Posted by: tigger

A Feeble excuse for a game??? NOT!! - 05/30/01 03:54 PM

You are Feeble, a chirpy character who loves his work. In the first sequence, we solve the riddle of the crop circles… Yes, this does set the tone for the game! Ok, so you love playing Asteroids with real asteroids and live ammo, is it any wonder you ends up returning home with a battered spaceship??

Oh, boy are you in trouble! After an entertaining, if long, intro, you find yourself at work and that is a mess too. Your mother has been on the vidphone again surprise, surprise, and your bike isn’t back from the menders. So, you embark on a confusing journey to go fess up to what you have done. That should be easy? For anyone not so Feeble yes it would be. But bad luck just dogs your footsteps as you plunge headlong from one disaster to another. Murphys law definitely applies to this character!

Its difficult to describe the game in detail without spoiling the plot (?) sequence. Suffice to say you start your quest around Metro Prime, a world run by the Omnibrain, who wants all his citizens to be happy and productive. Shame you don’t fit into either of those categories!

The game is a cartoon (of course), third person (now I know what this means!!), the interface point and click, so no keystrokes anywhere. Whoopee!! You have a handy wristcomp which is as capacious as Rincewinds Luggage and also holds the save/load/quit features so you don’t even need keys for that. As there are no keys used, the doing actions use a varied amount of mouse clicks. Right hand click once for look, twice for use, three times for use with. Apply your choice with a right click. Sounds confusing but your cursor changes into related icons so it is easy.

The game is stuffed with jokes, a lot of them kids humour ‘what on earth is a bungee anyway?’ some very logical puzzles and some very off the wall ones, such as the chemistry lab which took me ages to figure out. There is also an arcade sequence where you relive your childhood trying to pick up a furry toy with a grabber arm, yes we have all done it and lost repeatedly….. together with a frustrating exerpt from Simons puzzle box. Luckily I used to love playing mastermind, and appear to be a dab hand at Dwarf Balancing!

If you are in the mood for a light game, and don’t mind too many video clips, you will enjoy this one.
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Re: A Feeble excuse for a game??? NOT!! - 05/30/01 08:43 PM

Hi, Tig, excellent review! I never even noticed this game before but your review makes it sound cute and lots of fun.

How was the installation? Any problems? Is this DOS? Or will it run in Windows?
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Re: A Feeble excuse for a game??? NOT!! - 05/30/01 10:19 PM

Definitely runs under Windows. I don't *think* there's any CPU speed related glitches in this one.

This is one of my all time faves - fell in love with it at first sight. Went to buy the Simon the Sorcerer games from AdventureSoft and got this one too while I was at it. My best "spur of the moment" purchase!
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Re: A Feeble excuse for a game??? NOT!! - 05/30/01 10:34 PM

This is a fun game. The only tough part (and it sunk me for quite a while) is the arcade section. However, Adventure soft being the awesome company that it is - has sweetly provided a saved game for download that places you just after you have beaten all the arcade stuff and have a kazillion tokens.

great review Tigger!!


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Re: A Feeble excuse for a game??? NOT!! - 05/31/01 02:35 AM

Hi Laura,

I never knew there was a save just after the arcade!!! It took me the best part of 3 hours to complete it, I daren't go higher than 2 games in a row to start with then I finally got on a roll....

I couldn't put the hardware requirements on the review as the box has been filed (I just keep the game and manual out) I never referred to the manual so am not sure where it is!! I started the game on a P200mmx machine, so not a high flyer, but finished it on my new P2 633, with no glitches in performance. Purely Windows, purely perfect!!
Posted by: Clare

Re: A Feeble excuse for a game??? NOT!! - 05/31/01 10:11 AM

It is a good game but it's really hard, isn't it?! I remember getting seriously stuck on several occasions - and being very glad I looked at a walkthrough when I did, because sometimes the solutions were very tricky. The arcade is tough, but at least you know what it is you're trying to do.

Thanks for the review!
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Re: A Feeble excuse for a game??? NOT!! - 05/31/01 02:41 PM

I played this a while ago, and loved it! It should also be noted this is quite a long game! (At least I thought so!)

Now if they could only get their act together and get Simon 3D released sometime this century!
Posted by: tigger

Re: A Feeble excuse for a game??? NOT!! - 06/02/01 07:26 AM

I Did feel like I was going round in circles at times!!
Posted by: Jude

Re: A Feeble excuse for a game??? NOT!! - 06/03/01 01:14 AM

I started this when I had first started adventures and found it really hard, even with a WT, so I gave up and eventually traded it. Anyone in the UK can buy this game very cheaply in GAME so I bought it again to see if I am any better at it.