Amber Journeys Beyond

Posted by: bpegasus69

Amber Journeys Beyond - 06/04/01 11:30 AM

Hi Everyone:
Here is my second attempt at this review.


The story is riveting and the staff that created it worked together like they were putting together a fine opera or movie.

The game itself is very close to scary yet it is poignant at times. I think more than scary is that it is a learning experience about this scientific wonder of the paranormal.

The story starts off on a bad note with Roxy, the main character lying dead on the mezzanine floor above her garage floor.

From there you go from one level to another with one ghost acting as a travel guide through their little part of this world they are all stuck in.

Each ghost has it's own personality and as it guides you you through their level with a sort of garbled dialogue that most of the time is unintelligable. There are notes and puzzles to help you unravel each story. One lady is stuck in a mirror and one dream lover wants what he cannot have, so he takes his own life. This is the gardener and his job is to keep the three beautiful gardens in shape. They are really a site to behold they are separated with hedges and mounds of greenery. The gardens are breathtakingly beautiful.

The next level takes you under the frozen lake on the mansion's property. There is a water maze that you travel through with a clown doll who talks to you and then a little bear that becomes the clown doll's friend. It is very sweet and takes away anything that might scare you while in the water.

The puzzles include one very difficult slider puzzle and the only way I could solve it was to call on the Gameboomer staff. As soon as you see how it should be finished you are on your way. For 98% of the game it is very easy as games with puzzles go. The game is played from the house, the gazebo, the gardener's workshop and the beautiful gardens.

I was so taken by the graphics that I forgot to be afraid. There is a bedroom upstairs where most of the ghost activity takes place.

The game ends with a surprise and you will be so happy you went to the finish line.

I give the game 4 out of 5 stars for graphics, story and music.

This review written by Nancy L. Bluck or if you prefer.

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Re: Amber Journeys Beyond - 06/04/01 12:26 PM

Way to go Nancy!

I was so ticked that your first review got eaten up by the %$%# spell chacker. But I am so proud of you for coming right back with the re-write. What a great review too. You described each of the worlds so well. My favorite was the ice pond.

Amber is on a lot of people's best ever list - but there are still a large number of people who haven't gotten this game to give it a try.

This was to me a very surprising game. The first part is so very different than the rest of the game. I got stuck in that part and shelved this. Then someone sent me a hint much later on and I restarted. Boy was I glad I did!! It went from being boring to me - to one of the best games I have ever played.

Read the the won't regret it. And as Nancy says, the ending is a nice surprise.

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Re: Amber Journeys Beyond - 06/04/01 09:26 PM

Bpeg, wonderful review! This is one of my favorite games. I especially love the story down by the lake. I got all choked up at the end of that. This is an excellent game, especially how each ghost story had a completely different feel to it. It was short, but good and I'd really love to see Hue Forest do another game.
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Re: Amber Journeys Beyond - 06/08/01 06:49 PM


Glad you liked the game that I sent ya!
Sorry to hear about your problem with the spell checker. I'll admit that the scenes were a sight to behold, but, for some reason the mood of the game just didn't fit me. I didn't like the mood at all. Oh well.....It's off to play The Time Machine. Congrats on getting to the end of the game. That definitely was a surprise ending!
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Re: Amber Journeys Beyond - 06/09/01 12:21 PM

I got claustrophobic in this game. I got claustrophobic underwater and I got claustrophobic in those rooms where if you click on the door you see only video static outside. That was really creepy.
Posted by: Kateet

Re: Amber Journeys Beyond - 06/25/01 12:27 AM

Nancy, that has to be one of the finest reviews I've ever read. As it happens, I have the game. I never finished it. In fact, I never got past the house.
I got stuck. I didn't know anything about walkthroughs or hints or websites about games and so on. I was still at the buying whatever looked good on the shelves stage.
I've been playing adventure games off and on for almost 18 years.
Looks like I'm going to reinstall Amber and play it again. This time, I have to finish!
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Re: Amber Journeys Beyond - 06/26/01 05:43 PM

Hi Katee:

Your post did the most for my ego. You must be a very sweet person. This was my first attempt at a review and it helps the ego when a boomer tells you that it is the best one you ever read.

Thanks and Hugs,