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Duckman - 06/11/01 08:37 AM

I finished playing "Duckman", the game based on the cable TV cartoon series. I debated on doing a review, since this game is almost impossible to find (I borrowed a copy from a fellow 'boomer so I could burn a CD-R). It was never released in the USA, and was only available for a short time in Europe before it was 'pulled'. Apparently, the publisher "Playmate Interactive Entertainment " assumed this was a kids game (they released it as appropriate for kids 11-14) when in reality it is very much an adult game with lots of sarcastic remarks full of sexual innuendo. I have never seen the actual cartoon series on cable TV, as a result a lot of the 'in jokes' were over my head. The closest I can compare it to is "Leisure Suit Larry" re-incarnated as a foul mouthed detective duck. (pun intended!)

The animation is what you'd expect from a cartoon, there were about 1/2 dozen locations to explore, and the game did include numerous puzzles that could usually be solved by finding the correct inventory item. (some of the puzzles involve getting an item you need from one location so you have it to use in another, so there is an order you have to use to successfully solve each locations puzzles).

In all it was a fun game, but not knowing the cartoon series, I didn't get all the jokes. The game was relatively short (20 hours or so) and there's a lot of conversation included for the 'humor' effect that wasn't needed to solve any of the puzzles.

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Re: Duckman - 06/11/01 09:51 AM

Thanks for such an honest, helpful review. I've seen rumblings on a couple of sites that indicate that this might be re-released.