Golden Gate

Posted by: kay

Golden Gate - 06/23/01 02:06 PM

I saw someone wanted a review of this game and didn't find one so decided to.

This is a smaller game in terms of length(not as short as some but certainly not a blockbuster epic). It isn't particularly difficult but does have some interesting puzzles. If you are willing to accept those limitations, it can be well worth playing for what it does do well. I thoroughly enjoyed it and although I played it first by borrowing it, I bought it when I finally came across it for sale and have replayed it a number of times.

It is beautiful. It is done in watercolors which accurately portray many areas and places in San Francisco such as China Town, Golden Gate Park, Fisherman's Waarf, the Old Mint, etc. So it is like visiting old friends if you know the city or discoving it if you haven't ever been there. Even Angel Island is portrayed accurately from my memory hiking there. It is somewhat like an above grouond maze but there is a map you see when you arrive that can help you get around.

The story itself is a little far fetched (although the aspects of San Francisco history that are woven into the story are accurate)but it was enough to carry me along trying to figure out what had happened as I looked for treasure. It's basically a mystery in which you are trying to figure out what happened at various points in the past related to to this treasure and the people who were involved with it or searched for it.

It is first person, point and click. There are also cut scenes from the past with actors. The one charachter that you meet in the present day (another person looking for the treasure) is horribly acted but he rarely shows up so is easy to ignore. The box says the system requirements are Windows 95/486. I had no technical difficulties playing it but there is a patch out for it.

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Re: Golden Gate - 06/23/01 02:48 PM

Hi kay - thanks for your review - I played Golden Gate either the first part of this year or last year. It's the first game I've played that I knew where the locations were. We moved to the Bay area in 98 and we actually got to visit all the places in the game (had a 4th of July picnic on Angel Island and went on the tour they have there). That in itself made the game funner for me As I was tooling around I remember mumbling - hey I know that street, I've been inside that building, I've been there I talk to myself in case you didn't know
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Re: Golden Gate - 06/24/01 10:45 AM


Good choice for a review. There seems to be renewed interest in this game and a lot of copies have come up for trade/sale.

I played this when it first came out. I really enjoyed the game portion - but felt let down by the ending. Oh well. It is still a good gaming experience and a wonderful location based adventure. I thought they did a great job of incorporating San Fransisco sites in here.