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Fairy Tale Review from Moe Perry - 05/05/04 08:05 AM


I have writen a review about Fairy Tale and like to present it to you, and hope that you like it.

It is my first english review.

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has helped me with the translation and editing my review:

Review by Moe Perry

Release date: Out Now
Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studio
Genre: Games4U
Official site: http://www.bistudio.com/fairytale http://www.bistudio.com/fairytale

Recommended System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Processor: Pentium 166 MHz
Memory: 32 MB
Video card: 2 MB
CD ROM: 8 x speed

When I was a child my father sat beside my bed in a comfortable chair and read a beautiful fairytale to me. Can you imagine my surprise and delight when I encountered this same fairy tail in a game format? It brought back to me the wonderful memories of my childhood as I accompanied the sweet Nastyenka and the proud and heroic Ivan on a perilous journey to find each other.

The game is based on Russian folk and fairytales and the characters gathered form them are a good representation of what can be found in the rich storehouse of those fairytales.

Nastya is poor girl who’s life is made miserable by a wicked stepmother who constantly nags her and gives her tasks to complete, she works from down to dusk and cannot please this unpleasant person. Nastya is a very nice girl and everybody likes her and trays to help her. She talks to the animals and true fairytale fashion the animals talk back to her. Even the inanimate objects like the old tree stump she waters talks to her. She does not have enough hours in the day to complete her tasks and as the sun to stop and the sun stops for her. We feel very sorry for this sweet girl and hope that something will happen to change her life to the better.

The second character in the story is Ivan a handsome and proud young man who thinks of himself as the hero. He says good by to his mother and starts out on a long voyage to find a bride. He is too proud to say please to the ferryman so he has to make a dangerous crossing. He refuses to help the old woman who is really Baba Yaga the witch. He gets a bow and arrow from the mushroom man but does not thank him and so creates one difficulty after another for himself because of his pride.

Finally he realizes that he himself is the cause of all his troubled and he has to backtrack to make up for all the things he did not do right the first place. He does that and things are looking up for him.

In the mean time there are more orders given by the wicked stepmother that Nastya has to carry out. On top of everything else she has to go and see the matchmaker about finding a husband for her stepsister. Ivan enters the story here again but he prefers Nastya for his bride. This of course does not sit well with the stepmother who insist that the father take the girl to the forest and loose her there he does this with a heavy heart. Nastya is resigned to her fate but Father Frost finds her and rescues her.
She accidentally touches his wand and now sleeping in frost until true love finds her and gives her a charmed ring.
In the mean time Ivan is looking for his true love and goes to the forest to find her. He finds the ring that he has to give to his true love that is under the spell of Father Frost.

Ivan has another encounter with Baba Yaga this time he gets the charm on the ring that he has to give to his true love.

They get married by Father Frost and will live happily ever after in this very charming fairytale.

I loved the story very much. Liked the nice cartoon like graphics with the strong colors and the sharp pictures. The talking animals and objects were enchanting and the end very satisfactory.

The controls are easy to use and the puzzles are not too hard. I had a lot of fun playing this game.

Friendly Greetings from

Moe Perry
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Thanks for a nice review, Moe. I thought this game was absolutely enchanting, and not just for children, but a game that could well be enjoyed by the entire family. Beautiful cartoon style graphics, lovely music, and inventory based puzzles.
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That makes me happy wink that you like my review.

After playing Fairy Tale I felt like I was tuched by a great wizzard spelling wink

The sound is also very good:

I love the birds singing in the forest and everything shines fine.

Friendly Greetings from

Moe Perry
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Re: Fairy Tale Review from Moe Perry - 05/06/04 08:49 PM

Hi MoePerry smile

I played this game a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Your review brought back happy memories - thank you laugh


Mad wave
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Re: Fairy Tale Review from Moe Perry - 05/08/04 07:39 PM

I loved the game, so much I played it twice... (yes you all know why!!) you review certainly captures the essence of it smile

Tig wave