7th Guest Review

Posted by: bpegasus69

7th Guest Review - 08/23/01 04:21 PM

Hi all you Boomrs:

I looked to see if there had been a review on the 7th Guest yet and I could not find one, so I am volunteering to take care of this little game unnoticed on the Boomer Review list so far.

This little haunted house game is full of fun puzzles except one maze. The rest is fairly easy. They all have a part of the story connected to them and this is true Adventure. If you have a game of puzzles with no meaning, and I have played some of them, I feel I am somewhat cheated.

I have done one other review for Amber and I got some good feedback, so I must not be too bad in the writing department.

This games characters are all ghosts, six in all and one other one that you do not know for sure until the end who that is. The owner of the mansion is Mr Stauf that is so evil you can feel him sometimes while playing.

At every turn he shows up laughing if you hapen to make a mistake and heckling you while you are completing puzzles. I started playing this game some time ago and why I did not finish it at the time is beyond me. Sometimes we all do this I'm afraid.

Anyway, this is a great pure adventure game which is hard to find. I played the 11th Hour first and found them to be quite similar. The game must be installed by trying a few times if you have a very fast system. Windows 95 and 98 will install but sometimes you are not able to launch the game. What happens is you need to install and then go to find folders and files. There you will find an icon for DOS. Click on this Icon and your game will run very smooth no matter what system you have.

Saving the game is done on a ouija board. You pick a number first and then pick a name by pointing with the arrow cursor. Before you go back to the game always go to the top of the board and hit ok. At that time a female voice will say "your game has been saved". Loading is done by pointing to the number on the board where your save is.

The owner of the mansion has a very evil past regarding toys and children but the information on this part of his personality is very subtle. There is not much to scare you, only keep your interest.

I loved this little game very much and I believe that as Pandora Directive and others these early games are soooo valuable to our collection. I will never get rid of any of them. They are priceless. I believe there are re-released versions if you look but I was able to make the original version work very well. That makes it all the more dear to me. I believe that it has replayable characteristics that most of our games really do not have. I love playing games with real people in them. The new 3D figures just don't have the same charm. This is my opinion.

All in all the game is quite riveting and I shall put it with my favorites and keep it there.

I hope this review told you something you have been wondering about this game and will instill a desire to play it if you have not gotten around to it yet.

Love to all,

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Posted by: o1alien

Re: 7th Guest Review - 08/23/01 06:55 PM

Your review was great. I played this game when it first came out, it was my first adventure game. I absolutely loved it and the 11th Hour. I am going to play it again. Thanx for the review. ET
Posted by: syd

Re: 7th Guest Review - 08/25/01 10:05 AM

Played this also when it first came out and was thoroughly enchanted by it - until it came to those chess puzzles - then hubby came to the rescue

This along with the 11th Hour and Clandestiny are wonderful (IMHO) adventure/puzzle games.
Posted by: burpee

Re: 7th Guest Review - 10/14/01 08:55 PM

The 7th Guest was the 3rd computer game that I played. It is one of the reasons that I love gaming. I loved the ribbing by Straubb (I know some people didn't) and the spooky atmosphere. This game set a new standard in gaming and introduced a lot of new gamers to the gaming world. Unfortunately my computer won't play DOS games (even with Gameboomers DOS help) and I finally let all my DOS games go. I'll probably never see the game again but I have vivid memories of it.
Posted by: Debra

Re: 7th Guest Review - 10/17/01 07:06 AM

The microscope puzzle is horrible, but you
do not have to complete it to finish the game. There is some kind of built in by-pass for this one. AND I used it!
Very good review. Thanks!
Posted by: Gamer

Re: 7th Guest Review - 10/19/01 01:04 PM

I also play 7th guest when it first came out and its the game that hooked me on adventures, until then I had been an RPG player, great review and wanted to say I absolutely loved the microscope puzzle.

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