[Crimson Room] and [Viridian Room] Review Compilation

Posted by: mrkwang

[Crimson Room] and [Viridian Room] Review Compilation - 05/11/04 11:31 AM

Crimson Room

Flash Freeware Adventure Game, from Japan! But don't worry about Language barrier, It has English edition.

The object is 'to get out of the Crimson Room', and Graphic & Puzzle are well done, maybe due to size of the room & game itself.

But the problem is, this game is full of 'Pixel Hunting'! If you play it with bigger screen, that could be better, but if you visit their homepage through the right link, screen could be too small to do 'Pixel Hunting'. And with 'Hot Spot', mouse cursor doesn't change at all, so player could have hard times to go through.

I can't say that this is 'Highly Recommendable Game', due to invisible 'Hot Spot' & extreme 'Pixel Hunting', anyway this could be worth to give a try.

Where to play.

Viridian Room

Did you play [Crimson Room]? Well done graphic & interface, but terrible pixel hunting did hunt us all. If you cleared once, you could re-clear within 3 minutes. But if you play it for the first time, you could even throw mouse away several hours later!


Here comes the pain, no I mean, here comes the sequel.

This time, more worse! If you didn't IDENTIFY specific item, some hot spot will never be released. And you must do HUNT EVERY PIXEL to find a key, which is invisible. And! You must do the random puzzle about CHINESE CHARACTER & DICE!

Okay. Difficulty grew up. But I don't call it difficult game. I just call it as


Graphic is good, sound is good, ending is good, but PIXEL HUNTING hunt us all! I got an walkthrough with picture, but even it couldn't help me perfect. Wow. What a!

It's kinda SHAREWARE which you can buy GUIDE w/ Credit Card. Half of benifit will be donated to Unicef, whatever, I didn't do it.

Where to play(do pain) [Viridian Room] (It has traffic limit, so could be out when you visit.)

Walkthrough w/ Picture (But you'll be confused, still.)
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Re: [Crimson Room] and [Viridian Room] Review Compilation - 05/11/04 01:41 PM

I don't think it was anywhere near as bad as you proclaim. Most of it is intuitive, and pixel-hunting I didn't experience.

The worst part of room #2 was the beer can at the end of the game. Still, it is doable. smile