Outcast-a review

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Outcast-a review - 05/30/04 04:39 PM

Every now and then I would read a comment about Outcast and it always was positive-a "must play", or a "favorite", so decided to get it. And just finished it-a huge and complicated game, but well worth the effort.
Produced in 1999 by Infocom,and designed for WIN95-98 and for much slower computers than mine,it installs and plays on WIN XP, except for a couple of glitches, which didn't prevent me from enjoying and completing the game; Not being able to ride the twon-ha and crashing to the desktop when shifting to 1st person mode.and 1 or 2 other desktop crashes.
This is an action game but can be played in GOD mode as a regular adventure with many side quests. I decided to play it out, battles and all, which is more interesting because part of the challenge is figuring out all the different ways you can get ammo, health, and weapons, in addition to outwitting the soldiers.
That being said, the interface is keyboard control for choosing inventory, weapons,character forward, back, left and right. The mouse controls direction of movement and action. Once you get all the controls(there are lots of them) figured out, everything works pretty well.Your adventure and wanderings will be accompanied by the best music I have heard in a game-performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.
Now, on to the story: You are Cutter Slade, ex Navy Seal, born in the 1960's. Your parents taught you values of frankness, respect for the weak, tolerance, and justice.It is 2007.You are part of a 4 person commando unit sent to a parallel universe. Since 1998 2 scientists, Kaufman and Zue, have been developing the "String Theory" that proves the existance of an infinite number of parallel universes.The first manned expedition has been sent.And now, you find yourself alone in the nearest parallel world, the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong. Your fellow commandos and the machine are gone.All your weapons have been stolen by the natives and are being sold in the market as "sacred Objects".
The world you have arrived in is Adelpha, a planet similar to Earth, with 2 moons that loom close to the horizon, and orbits around 2 suns. This strange, but similar world has 6 distinct and huge regions for you to explore(get lost) in and there is also a handy map that you can call up for each one as well as a direction finder-you'll need these! There are big round shining pulsating "gates" called Daokas that you step through to get from one region to another.
You wake up in the beginning of the game in Ranzaar- a remote place of snow and ice where the last rebels against the evil ruler, Fae Rhan, are hiding out. Here you get a short training course, pick up some stuff for your backpack, talk to some natives-the Talan-who will give you some information about their world, and then off you go, to save them from their evil ruler and his hoards of soldiers.You need to get 4 "Mons",objects which are needed in order for the natives to help you get back to your world in one piece.
Of course each Mon is hidden in a different region.
Shamazar, the agricultural area is a place of temples where the Shamaz(priests) are being watched by soldiers.In the village the natives are friendly, but elsewhere-watch out! A huge green world of "ris"(rice) terraces that stretch into forever.
Okasankaar-A watery area of marshes, islands, and fishermen in flat bottom boats. Another small multi-storied village with friendly natives, but outside it, you are in serious danger.
Okaar-a green outdoor world with all kinds of flora and fauna, lush forests and the primitive natives, the Oogoobar.No village here, just military training camps.
Motazaar- A dry, hot place, filled with lava pits, molten geysers, and jagged mountains. This is where the Helidium mines are.Weapons for the soldiers are made out of this stuff.
Talanzaar-conains the largest city-Okriana-where you can find all the things you need in the Boks( outdoor markets)Sort of like you might find in Egypt or somewhere in the mideast. Also the music changes to a mideastern sound.A dry, parched place in the middle of an endless desert. Wicked Fae Rhan has his palace and headquarters here.
In all these places there's lots and lots of goodies to pick up- they all go into your back pack for future use. All kinds of strange rocks and shells can be used to make weapons-so get 'em all. Keys are all over the place-they can be used to open storehouses that contain ammo, health, ect.There's money(Zorkins) to be found all over the place too, and can be used to buy bigger weapons. (there are 6 different ones-I only used 3. Couldn't figure out the others.)
As you'd expect in a strange world, there would be some interesting animals:You'll meet the Twon-Ha, a tameable, rideable beast that is a cross between a lizard and an ostrich.
The Gamor, dangerous cat like predator, which attacks Twon-Ha and Talan-also you.
The Ventilope, a large bomb dropping bird with an 8 ft. wing span.
Sennegata-killer fish.
the Kalaba-noble, winged bipeds which can be harnessed by the Talan and ridden into and out of impassable areas.
the Zeedog- a huge snake like creature that lurks in watery places and spits lethal gobs of ? something.
The Gorgor-a huge dinasaur sized critter that lives on an island-of course you'll have to defeat it. There' s only one of him(I think)
Achondar- an even bigger dino-in an enormous pen.

Another interesting note: There are no women present during the game. You learn from one of the Shamaz that they are on a seperate island-and only get together with the men at a specific time for mating-the women choose. Well, talk to the Shamaz to get a little humorous take on this.

In addition to finding the Mons, you have to complete 4 other quests, concerning your fellow commando, Marion and the guardians. There are also numerous other side quests that you can complete to get extra rewards, but aren't neccessary to complete the game.Well, you could just go on and on. Anyway, there is a notebook for each area that helps you sort out what you need to do and keep track of what you have done.
To sum it all up- I really enjoyed the ability to roam around freely in all the wide-open areas of the game world. It was as close to actually exploring another planet as I'll ever get. I also liked the peace loving, friendly natives, the Talan, and was glad to be able to help them get free at last.I will look back with nostagia on my visit to Adelpha-or maybe I just won't un-install it for awhile smile
I give this wonderful game a well deserved thumbsup
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Re: Outcast-a review - 05/31/04 09:15 AM

I've been "watching" you play this over on the RPG forum. I started Outcast a few years ago but never did give it much of a chance (this was before I really ventured over to the dark side) evil Now that I know more about that "side" of gaming, I'm very definitely going to play Outcast - matter of fact it's loaded in the computer right now and I just may start it today and play it along side Beyond Divinity.

Excellent review of the game and glad to know it plays on XP.
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Re: Outcast-a review - 05/31/04 09:37 AM

Hi Syd,
Some of the others who posted on my threads about Outcast also mentioned that they started the game but didn't finish. I too almost gave up a couple of times. It is very confusing at first because there is so much info to absorb and so much stuff in the backpack that was a total mystery to me until I gradually found out what it's for. There are some very handy gadgets once you figure out how to put them to use, which I did much later on in the game. I think there's a manual that comes with the game, which I don't have.(BAAGed it cheap from Amazon-you get what you pay for!)
Anyway, I've started it over again to see how much easier it is now that I have more info. to work with. In the first destination-Shamazar-I was so confused, I missed alot of what was going on.
Let me know your impressions when you get into the game.
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Re: Outcast-a review - 05/31/04 12:31 PM

HI bigmamma, loved your review. This is the only action game I have ever played and I loved it. I loved the way people turned to watch when Slade walked by, great stuff.
I played it twice and never realized ris was rice. lol I also never figured out how to get on the twan-ha.
I think when I finish Egyptian Prophecy I will load it up and run around Adelpha. wave
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Re: Outcast-a review - 05/31/04 11:11 PM

Hi smile

Have to join in here 'cause I played this one too - battles and all - and really enjoyed it laugh

I did tend to get lost a lot though and spent hours searching for people who were never where I thought they should be lol


Mad wave


oops Forgot to say thanks for the review !!!! blush
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Re: Outcast-a review - 07/09/04 12:23 AM

I just wanted you all to know that I tried to play this game with a friend a few years ago and could never get past the sneak part at the beginning so will try again.
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Re: Outcast-a review - 07/09/04 02:54 PM

I'm enjoying the heck out of it - I've been playing for over a month now - in god mode - so I can't die (well, that's not the complete truth. I did get eaten by a critter and you can drown if you don't watch it) but the soldiers can't kill you so you can just madly blast away laugh

I think I'm maybe 85 - 90% complete - and I'm going to be real sorry when this game ends. It's become one of my favorites thumbsup
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Re: Outcast-a review - 07/09/04 05:14 PM

Renee, if you fail the sneak test, after a while the instructor will give you a pass. That's how I got through. smile