Alone int the Dark 4?

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Alone int the Dark 4? - 10/05/01 06:28 AM

I sure would love to see a review on this game.

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Re: Alone int the Dark 4? - 10/07/01 02:35 PM

Quick review:

"Resident Evil Rip-Off."

Its _nothing_ like the first three.


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Re: Alone int the Dark 4? - 10/09/01 07:43 AM

I am a BIG Resident Evil fan, does that mean I'll like it?
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Re: Alone int the Dark 4? - 10/11/01 08:22 AM

You might.

I enjoy reident evil, as well, but I've come to expect mroe from the Alone in the Dark series, so I found this to be a major dissapointment.

Its reasonably close to the first RE,a ctually. Spooky house, wierd goings on, lots of monsters..simple puzzles.


"I may dislike what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it."-Volatire
"Tact is just saying stuff that's not true. I'll pass."-Cordelia Chase
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Re: Alone int the Dark 4? - 10/25/01 04:20 AM

Review: I found this game to be reasonably entertaining and a decent survival/horror game(despite a few flaws)overall.

Storyline: Upon crashing on a remote island (Shadow Island), the adventure begins by picking one of two possible characters, (Edward Carnby or Aline Cedrac), both of whom come to the island on quests of a different nature. Ed Carnby - to find out who murdered his friend. Aline Cedrac - To research ancient Indian transcripts and find out if the "Mad Professor" is her long, lost father. Btw, both characters w/interact w/each other via walkie-talkie throughout the game, which makes it somewhat interesting.

As your character explores the house, garden, fort etc ... you begin to solve puzzles, and uncover the dark deadly secrets of the Morton family.

Basically this is a mixture of "The Island of Dr Moreau meets the Night of the Living Dead."

Pros: Beautiful graphics, rendering and background textures. A decent amount of "scares" .. reminiscent of old horror movies where the hero turns a corner and a monster jumps out from nowhere!

Cons: Gameplay and controls could have been better. Gameplay could be improved in that the game tends to lag "briefly" between scenes (ex: character turns the corner or goes through a door .. we wait a split second .. then we get a view of the next scene). While the Camera angles add to the scare factor ... I particularly found it to be annoying since there were certain scenes in which you are "unable" to view what lurks around the corner ... that is ... until it was "too late". =\ Okay, call me "chicken" ... but I like to see a zombie in front of me and blast it, rather than start a scene on the other side of a door only to be the recipient of a zombie mutilation. One last caveat is that you are limited to the amount of "save game" space(4).

Summary: Overall, the artistic quality of characters, objects, background scenes, music/sound effects, puzzles and scares ... made it worthwhile for me. I suggest using the "Walk through" found on this web site (By Tami) ... I would NEVER have figured out one of the puzzles w/out it.

Side notes: Would have been interesting to have a Multi-player mode in which you can have another person playing their scenario w/u at the same time ... but yeah ... the game is titled Alone in the Dark. Btw, that Aline Cedrac and her tight-knitted, low-cut shirt ... whooo .. and I thought Lara was a sweetie!

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Re: Alone int the Dark 4? - 11/02/01 12:33 PM

Why on earth would they limit you to just 4
saves? In any action game you need zillions
of save slots. I think that's just punitive.
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Re: Alone int the Dark 4? - 11/27/02 08:34 AM

Not only do you just have 4 save slots, you must first find charms of saving around before saving. Carnby has one from start, Aline must find one first. It is like the ink ribbon and typewriters in Resident Evil 2 and 3 (maybe in first one too, don't know anything about it)

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Re: Alone int the Dark 4? - 12/20/03 04:23 PM

I think Dark 4 is so much better looking than 1,2,3. Those characters look like Pacmen characters. I do find that sometimes it is difficult to kill some of the creatures with the bullets you start off with & no time to reload!! I spend a lot of time redoing a scene because of this, But then I am probably slow on the draw so to speak.
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Re: Alone int the Dark 4? - 06/21/05 03:25 PM

I think that AITD 3 has to be the most difficult AITD game out there mainly for the difficulty.

But in any case AITD 4 is a little too much action oriented like you said. I have played the first game, second, third, and fourth. And what's with the 2 barrelled revolver, that has got to be the most unrealistic weapon ever.

AITD 1 was realistic because it's not like you'll find a grenade launcher or assault rifle in a mansion, in AITD 1 you just get a shotgun and a revolver, with little ammo to find, just like real life.