Disney Princess Royal Adventure

Posted by: Tracy

Disney Princess Royal Adventure - 04/02/07 12:40 PM

Hi everyone. I played this game recently on my GBA and just fell in love with it so I had to write a review. smile

This game is designed for little girls who are crazy about all of the Disney princesses, but apparently it's also designed for grown-up girls who have never stopped having a love affair with the beautiful gals in those fairy-tale castles!

In this game you play Lily, the young caretaker of the royal castle. Soon there is to be a celebration where all of the princesses will be crowned, but there's a problem...the crowns have been stolen! Now it's up to Lily to roam around the kingdom in search of the crowns, and whether or not she succeeds depends upon you!

Lily's quest will take her to the bottom of a lake to visit Ariel, into a HUGE pumpkin that turns into a magical carriage where Cinderella is living, into the forest to find Snow White, a beautiful Middle Eastern castle where Jasmine resides, and much more. Finding the locations of the princesses is much of the fun and getting to have a sneak peek at their secret, royal worlds is a treat! And, whenever Lily meets a new princess she also gets a new quest...each princess has a favor to ask, and as Lily meets her quota of duties she gains in levels.

Not only is our Lily busy helping the princess, AND looking for the lost crowns, but as she speaks with the local town characters, they too give her jobs to do, and reward her with information or access to new parts of the game for her trouble. There is alot of running around for our Lily, but the scenery is so pretty and she runs fairly fast, so it was fun and not a chore at all.

Another thing that was fun was that you could go around the town helping storekeepers and gaining needed items for your quest, but even after you'd completed the quest you could go back as often as you liked and play the mini-games. There are games where you match up different colored dresses with shoes and a hat (my favorite!), games where mix potions, and sort jewels...and they are all fun and more than a little addictive!

On top of all of this, Little Lily is SO adorable. She's tiny with a little brown ponytail, and I just fell in love with her as I was playing the game. Throughout the game it can start to feel like she's doing all of the work for everyone else, but have no fear...at game's end she gets a nice reward for her hard work and no one could deserve it more. smile

My one tiny little quibble with this game is that after all of her rushing around, solving problems, collecting items, etc., Lily doesn't get to go to the celebration. (I think she probably felt like Cinderella the night of the ball, poor thing.) But, aside from that, I really loved this game and think it would be terrific for anyone of any age. (especially little girls, and big girls who still have their inner child!)

This game will play on GBA or DS and there are 3 save slots. It's definitely an adventure game and will appeal to anyone who has their imagination and heart still very much rooted in childhood.

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Re: Disney Princess Royal Adventure - 04/02/07 01:16 PM

Thanks, Catbelly, for a wonderful peek into this game. I don't have a DSA, but it sounds like a lot of fun wave
Posted by: Becky

Re: Disney Princess Royal Adventure - 04/02/07 03:45 PM

It sounds like something little girls would love.
Posted by: Tracy

Re: Disney Princess Royal Adventure - 04/03/07 10:17 AM

Thanks Guys. smile

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Re: Disney Princess Royal Adventure - 04/07/07 01:52 AM

Thanks for an enticing review catbelly, sounds like a lot of fun! smile
Posted by: Tracy

Re: Disney Princess Royal Adventure - 04/08/07 01:15 AM

Thanks Chrissie--I'm glad ya liked it! smile