Druuna Morbus Gravis

Posted by: Mr 2 u

Druuna Morbus Gravis - 10/20/01 01:37 PM

Installed Druuna , 3gb of Hard disk space it needed for a Full Install and it comes on 6 discs so I had quite a lenghy wait before I could start playing.
Started the game Beutiful High Quality Graphics and Superb Dolby Surround Sound,
excellent Cut scenes , again of a very high quality.
GREAT I thought this game is looking to be something real special.

I started playing it and automatically thought of "Resident Evil" and "Martian Gothic Unification" Well Drawn Detailed 2d Backgrounds with good 3d models in the foreground.

I started to try and Interact with stuff .Theres loads of things to look at all very Intresting and Mouthwatering that I just couldn't wait to start Examining things and Picking things up Well ...
hardly ANYTHING is Interactive !(I'm one of those mad examine everything people )

Another bad thing, Getting killed every 5 minutes by monsters because I went down a wrong alley, absolutely no warning at all that something could be lurking round a corner or near an object.
You will be casually checking out an area your in then all of a sudden a cut scene will play and thats that ... game over.

I walked up to a Character like a would normally do while playing an Adventure to speak to him/her.
well as soon as I got near the Man ... POW
I got eaten by him and loads of others that seemed to come from absolutely no-where.

Now having monsters and things I could deal with but NOT being able to Kill them is just crazy.
You get no chance whatsoever to fight back or to run away.

Jumping is another annoyance I do not like Run and Jump games I liked "Tomb Raider" but in "Tomb Raider" you could Calculate and Control your precise movements and it was Challenging and rewarding, in "Druuna" its the opposite its hit or miss and is usually miss Im afraid a cut scene will play and lights out.

Yet another bad thing is the fact that they take energy off you when you save your game , this game just likes to punish the player.

All I can say is What a WASTE.
really good graphics /Cut scenes good music
the potential to be a really good High quality Game.
This game could have been SO good if only they had done it properly there is a Staggering ammount of detail it must have taken them ages to do Its just a real shame that the gameplay Is REALLY poor and annoying.

This is definently a game that Could have been so good but has been extremely poorly executed ... a real let down.


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Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Druuna Morbus Gravis - 10/21/01 04:26 PM

I can't imagine why anyone in here would want Druuna after a review like that. Even without that "feature" that penalizes when you save, who wants to get chased and eaten by monsters with no way to fight back? And who wants inaccurate jumping puzzles? Bleah!
Posted by: Mad

Re: Druuna Morbus Gravis - 10/21/01 06:12 PM


Phew !!

Definitely sounds like one to miss ;-D


Posted by: Laurette

Re: Druuna Morbus Gravis - 02/23/05 01:20 PM

I started playing this game quite awhile ago and got so fed up with it - I threw it away!