Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland - 06/01/04 12:04 PM

Alice in Wonderland

Publisher: Emme Interactive
Developer: Lexis Numerique
Year Released: 2001

This game is meant for ages 8 and up. I felt, playing throughout, that the game is geared more toward females than males, but the game is rather enjoyable if you can look passed this aspect (if you are a male). The puzzles are fairly simple, but some take a little thinking even for adults. The best feature, to me, was that the puzzles were a bit challenging, and there was no violence or profanity used anywhere in the game. I suspect many adventure gamers would like this aspect as well; a nice change of pace.

Alice in Wonderland, the game, comes from the same folks who brought us the Uncle Albert games. For those who have played any of those, perhaps this game will be as entertaining (or, in my opinion, more entertaining).

Alice is played by a real actor (a young girl). The remainder of the game consists of beautifully drawn backgrounds and characters. The lines spoken are quite humorous which adds to the enjoyment of playing. The worst thing said, which some may find to be offensive, is the Queen of Hearts' use of "Off with their head" phrase. This line is said numerous times throughout the game, but that was the same with any Alice in Wonderland story, etc.

A rather nasty problem of this game was the lack of subtitles. For the hearing impaired, this is a big problem. There are many puzzles where clues or rules are given vocally. I have written a walkthrough, also posted on, where someone who is hearing impaired can get through the game with the use of the walkthrough. Else, someone will need to be playing with them to help them along in the game.

Minus some sound-sync issues, the game ran flawlessly for me (on Windows XP). Ultimately, I recommend this game to anyone who likes adventure games, and the lack of adult themes and/or profanity. The humor makes playing this game rather fun. The puzzles are just challenging enough to not frustrate you, and to keep you interested in continuing. Of course, the game is geared towards younger crowds, so don't expect the puzzles to be too challenging. Experienced puzzle solvers could probably get through the game in a few hours. Others, perhaps, a few days (depending on how much time you have free).

Gameplay: A-/B+
Graphics: A
Audio: B+
Story: A
Overall: A-

Reviewed by: Gamehound
Posted by: Becky

Re: Alice in Wonderland - 06/02/04 09:06 PM

Thanks for the review Gamehound! Is this the new game featuring Alice that involves music puzzles?
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Re: Alice in Wonderland - 06/02/04 09:10 PM

This game was released in 2001. There wasn't a comprehensive English walkthrough, so I wrote one (for Gameboomers). I thought I would write up a review for the game as well.

Perhaps the review may be useful for people who may consider purchasing the game someday. wave

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Re: Alice in Wonderland - 06/03/04 11:20 AM

Hi Gamehound smile

Thanks for a nice review laugh

I certainly didn't finish this game in a few hours myself - but then unless I am absolutely drawn in , I do only tend to play games in short burts.

I didn't find all the puzzles to be "fall over" easy. Indeed, I considered some of them to be rather difficult for children thumbsup


Mad wave
Posted by: Becky

Re: Alice in Wonderland - 06/08/04 10:40 AM

Gamehound -- where did you purchase the game? There are so many Alice in Wonderland games that I can't seem to locate this one. This isn't the same Alice game that's also available for Gameboy Color, is it?
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Re: Alice in Wonderland - 06/10/04 11:03 AM

I bought it off of eBay a while back, but never played it. I played it just to write a complete walkthrough in English for the game.

Alice in Wonderland site is in French. You can click on the Les Solutions Detaillees link at the top, right then click on the Alice game for some screenshots.

Adventure-Archiv did a review of Alice in Wonderland in English with some screenshots if you are interested.

The game is completely played in English though... published by Emme Interactive.

As far as being on the Gameboy, I wouldn't know. I only play PC games. Sorry. frown

Posted by: purple tentacle

Re: Alice in Wonderland - 10/15/04 10:44 PM

I was wondering if ayone knows anything about the Alice In Wonderland game of 1993? It was cartoony graphics. did anyone play this?
Posted by: Vertex

Re: Alice in Wonderland - 10/23/04 01:49 PM

Thank you, Gamehound, for the review and the thread! I really like the book "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" and thought a great game could be made out of it. Unfortunately, I saw a game at BEST BUY entitled "American McGee's Alice" and bought it without really checking it over. It was NOT light, whimsical or suitable for the young. And it was non-returnable. I do play it sometimes when I feel like tearing something up; I play in "god mode" and blast away.

Thanks to you, though, I will be on the look-out for the REAL Alice game! praise
Posted by: Gamehound

Re: Alice in Wonderland - 10/23/04 02:09 PM

Thx for the nice words. smile

There are a few Alice games that I am aware of (and probably more games I am not aware of).

Alice in Wonderland
Alice: An Interactive Museum
American McGee's Alice

The first two are adventures, and you got the other. Of the 3, the museum one is the most expensive (and most difficult to locate).

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Re: Alice in Wonderland - 11/04/04 09:27 AM

There is an older game which came on 5 1/4 and 3.5 (Amiga) floppies called Wonderland as well.

Based on the story "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll

By Microprose and is a IF-Graphic DOS Game
written circa 1990.

A real treat if you can find it.