Gorasul - Buyer Beware!

Posted by: hagatha

Gorasul - Buyer Beware! - 12/24/01 05:58 PM

I pickeed this up a few days ago, because the graphics looked pretty good and I was in the market for a new RPG.

I should have waited for a few weeks to see what the buzz was on this one - somebody was asleep at the wheel during the quality control part of the production of the game.

Whoever wrote the dialogue text was definitely non-English-speaking. The language is so badly mangled that it's laughable and in some spots it's difficult to understand what is actually being said. For example, in the save screen there is a spot for a gamesave which says "no credits", which is mangled English for "empty slot" - made it pretty darned difficult to figure out how to save a game. Pretty poor show, in my opinion. Apparently a patch is in production now for this particular problem, but this is like closing the barn door after the horse has fled - the damage is done.

There are a few gameplay issues as well - the cating of spells and reaction moving time seem to be halting and it takes a while to move away from an attacking enemy, allowing a few hits and damage points to be taken. Also, in my opinion a big flaw, you have to literally wait for healing and magic to increase as there is no "rest" option in the game. This really interrupts gameplay. It's not very much fun to sit in front of the screen waaiting for health levels to return to acceptable levels for a battle. While there are healing potions, they are few and far between. Healing spells are available for mages, but at low levels early in the game you only have a choice of one healing spell or an offensive spell - not a lot of good in a battle.

There are a couple of good things about the game -it looks pretty good graphics-wise; not great but I've seen a lot worse, and the story line seems to be interesting enough, from what I've seen. But so far I've found the mangled language and lack of rest option to be major problems.
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Gorasul - Buyer Beware! - 12/27/01 11:16 AM

Thank You so much for this review of Gorasul, Hagatha.

I have little to none experience with RPG's. So I really value informative info on any of this genre for our members (and myself smile smile )

Sounds like a good game to avoid.

Keep em coming BTW smile smile smile smile