Loch Ness [A very brief review from Mad]

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Loch Ness [A very brief review from Mad] - 02/09/02 03:16 PM


Just this minute finshed Loch Ness...and thought I'd write a brief review...so here goes...

An interesting little story played out against an interestingly different backdrop - with good music, decent graphics and no bugs or crashes to spoil the experience smile

I personally would have would have appreciated a few more characters to talk to and a few more locations to visit (especially as this was a kind of detective story) but the game didn't really allow for too much, being rather short. It only took a few days to get through.
Nonetheless I did enjoy it - and not having paid thousands for it, I suppose I can't really grumble too much.

I found the puzzles a mixture of "relatively easy" and "obscurely difficult" and have to admit that I resorted to a walkthrough a couple of times merely because I didn't grasp what was expected of me next. [Or was lost in a ...dare I say it...maze... eek ]

And never having liked timed sequences in adventure games, those in Loch Ness did nothing to change my views on that score. I still think they are an unnecessary evil and detract from adventure gameplay enjoyment. I much prefer having to think out a solution rather than implement an obvious one against the clock rolleyes

So. I enjoyed the game. Would recommend it to other players. And would definitely buy another from the same source laugh


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Re: Loch Ness [A very brief review from Mad] - 02/09/02 03:49 PM

Hey Mad,

Maybe not a long review - but pithy works for me. smile You hit all the highs and lows of this nice game.

I agree with you 100%. I enjoyed Loch Ness, thought it was a solid game and though a bit short - don't regret getting it one bit. That really says it all.

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Re: Loch Ness [A very brief review from Mad] - 02/09/02 05:33 PM

Hi Mad, it was short and sweet and I could not agree with you more about the timed sequences. It supposed to make the game look longer because you have to repeate the same d..... thing over and over again. I am still not sure if I want to buy it. Kathy smile
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Re: Loch Ness [A very brief review from Mad] - 02/10/02 07:51 PM

I agree with everyone else, Mad. Maybe a short review but you hit all the pertinent points. I haven't finished Loch Ness yet. I got stuck in one of those [blip] timed/mazey sequences and lent the game to a friend. I will finish it when I get it back though. I think I was pretty much near the end, but one too many timed sequences and another maze like puzzle (that bunch of tin cans) place too closely together got the best of me. I'd been really enjoying the game up til then. Even the underwater timed maze wasn't too bad. I think I got through it by sheer luck though. And right after that there are several more frustrating timed sequences. This is, in my opinion, the only negative about the game. Otherwise it's pretty good. And I really liked the main character alot. Can't wait to see how it ends. Thanks for the review!
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Re: Loch Ness [A very brief review from Mad] - 02/18/02 06:44 PM

I am playing this game right now, and so far it's a lot of fun. I like exploring around the old castle, and the tunnels under the distillery. I haven't hit any of the timed sequences yet, so maybe I'll change my opinion when I get there.
And best of all, so far, no bugs or glitches! smile
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Re: Loch Ness [A very brief review from Mad] - 03/03/02 07:31 PM

hey everyone. I liked the game. That house is my dream!! im gonna build one some day. anyways the game was kool but i swear it took me about 10 hours to finish. i am soo depressed now. i wish it had be longer. the game was great otherwise. mine had a couple of prblems with the sound being off from the charchters talking but other than that the game ran smoothe. about how long did it take ya'll to beat it?
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Re: Loch Ness [A very brief review from Mad] - 04/14/02 03:42 PM

About 10 minutes ago I finished Loch Ness - had to make some popcorn to calm me down after blowing myself up and drowning poor Moria more times than I can count.

My take on the game - it was wonderful - except for the underwater maze and timed sequences (of which there were WAY too many of).

I loved the story but do wish there had been a few more people to interact with - over all - one terrific game and I hope there's going to be a sequal.

Now off to finish Hitchcock before it finishes me <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />
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Re: Loch Ness [A very brief review from Mad] - 04/18/02 10:54 AM

I just finished Loch Ness last night. Very fun, even the timed sequences. It was very slow-starting but the second half ranks right up there among Cryo/Dreamcatchers' best.

One thing I did notice: stuff came out of your inventory at the oddest times, for no reason (none that I saw). Their appearance hinted at some sequences that the programmers took out of the game. Two examples:

1. You arrive at the castle with an armload of gadgets, including a rope ladder. But when I thought I would need it, when you jump out of the window, there's no ladder in your inventory any more. Where did it go? You just use the rope that's conveniently there for you. I actually died once in this scene, looking for the ladder in my inventory.

2. Early in the game you can pick up a blank sheet of paper. But the one time that you need one (to receive the telex from Scotland Yard) there's a piece sitting in the machine for you, the piece that you picked up having long since disappeared from the inventory.

Weird. But I liked it anyway.