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SEVENTH GUEST REVIEW -- Spoiler Warning - 07/20/04 02:52 PM

For all of you who haven't played this game (or haven't heard of it.) here's a review.
This is a story about a long deserted haunted mansion. In wich a toymaker, named Henry Stauf, put all his toys . Long ago Stauf used to be a poor man who had had to rob a store just to get by. One night Stauff had a dream. In his dream he saw a doll, and he reached out and grabbed the doll. When he woke up, he made a likeness of the doll he saw in his dream. Stauff went to an inn and offterd the innkeeper the doll. The innkeeper said his daughter would love doll, and offtered Stauff a room and a place to stay. That night he had another dream, just as before he reached out for the toy, and just as before he carved a likeness of the toy. Not too long after Stauff opened his own toy store. Kids loved stauff's toy's and every child had to have one. But soon after all the children got sick and started dying. Even the inkeepers daughter.
After that, Stauff built a mansion and filled it with his toys. and like I said before created puzzles to go in the house. That's when he invited seven guests to his mansion to solve the puzzles that he had created. Little did they know, these very puzzle that stauf had created would be their end.
After the night was over not one was ever seen again. Now, you must figure out the legend of stauf's mansion and solve stauf's puzzle, before you become part of legend, just like the seven guests.

Old man Stauff built a house and filled it with toys
Six guest all came one night their screams the only noise
No one knows what happened next there's nobody left to say
But if you should see old man Stauff get on you knees and pray!

Enjoy the game! (and don't get to scared!)
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Re: SEVENTH GUEST REVIEW -- Spoiler Warning - 07/20/04 11:42 PM

This was THE first computer game we ever bought. It got me hooked on Adventure games. In fact, The 7th Guest was the reason we bought our first computer! For me, it was the benchmark of game puzzles and storyline--a level of gaming for which I continue to search, and rarely find. The puzles were thought-provoking, and many were extremely challenging (I've never played chess, so one of the puzzles completely eluded me). Thankfully, the writers allow you to continue the game anyway. Maybe I'll dust it off and try to play it again soon....!
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Re: SEVENTH GUEST REVIEW -- Spoiler Warning - 07/25/04 12:17 AM


Thanks for the story and I have the game, but cannot seem to get past the cake, do not know if it is the walkthrough or me, or a little of both. Maybe you can help with a first rate walkthrough?



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Re: SEVENTH GUEST REVIEW -- Spoiler Warning - 07/26/04 03:15 PM

If your still stuck puzzle there's a feature on the game that can help you. Start the cake puzzle then go back to the library. You see the book lying on the table by the couch? Click on that and it will give you a clue to the puzzle your'e on. If your still stuck go and click on the book again, this time the book will tell you how to solve the puzzle. And if your still stuck click on the book again, this time it will automaticly solve the puzzle for you.
Good luck with the rest of the game!
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Re: SEVENTH GUEST REVIEW -- Spoiler Warning - 07/26/04 04:57 PM

It was the chess puzzles that got me... had to draft Hubby in to help smile

Destiny, the poem at the end of yoru review is brilliant smile
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Re: SEVENTH GUEST REVIEW -- Spoiler Warning - 07/30/04 02:56 PM

The Chess puzzle got me too.
The hardest puzzle was that and the card puzzle.
Oh, and I forgot to mention the poem actually came with the game. Since it fit in with the story so well I decided to add it.
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