Gregory Horror Show (PS2)

Posted by: mrkwang

Gregory Horror Show (PS2) - 08/12/04 05:13 AM

*** As I know, this game was released in Japan - Korea - UK, but not in USA. Not sure about other territories. ***

When I heard about this game for the first time, it doesn't make me feel good. Few months has passed away, and I bought it accidentally, when I ramble around some Console Game store. First part was too good to be missed, it was good till the middle of the game, but was little bit exausted after that. Anyway I saw ending, so writing this brief one.

Story - Synopsis is simple. You(player) enter the 'Gregory Hotel', which is very weird place, and you must get out of that. How? To collect 12 'souls', which other NPC has. Of course, they don't give you freely, you must find 'the way' to get. The problem(funny part) is this. After you stole their 'souls', they will try to catch you, and do some 'Horror Show'(Name says it). So you must hide - sneak, and ramble the hotel to escape.

Interface is very easy, and game area(just 'Gregory Hotel' only, even if it has floors) is not hugh. And after you get the 'Map' of each floor, you could see easily 'Who is Where'. No fighting as another Capcom game [Resident Evil] nor [Devil may cry], so you don't have to do action too much. 'Camera' is good working at almost every area, and you could do 1st person - 3rd. person view freely. It's very easy to move & act.

The most important & interesting act is 'Peeping'. Yeah. You can(or must) do 'Peeping' all the way. Of course, you could 'talk' with another NPCs, as you did at some adventure games before, but this time 'Peeping' is more important. They talk by themselves very important things, you could know their activity habits by 'completion of peeping', so you must do that all the time all through this game. You could feel tired of 'peeping' in the middle of game, because you must do this again again & again, but still very nice work to try.

'Limited Real Time' is another good stuff for this game. Time passes in this game, and every NPC does same thing at same time every day. If you investigate(I mean 'peeping') their habits, it will be written on your memopad, so you could learn when to meet or avoid. 'Health' is decreasing automatically, so you must do 'sleep' or use item, anyway you could find some item spawning spot easily, so not very hard to survive.

However the difficult part begins after the middle. It's not very hard 'How to capture the soul' at the first time, because you need only 1 act to do that. But after the middle, you must do 2 act to do that, and sometimes you should do that 'just in time'. If you misses that time & how to, must spend 1 more day without doing anything. Make player exhausted, must go out to find some item meaninglessly. This is bad side of this game, anyway still worth.

First part is amazing, middle part is still cool, but last part - ending is not still interesting. However play time could be under 10 hours, you don't have to FIGHT, and it's very alike as pure adventure(I mean non-action), so it's still worth to play & 'Peeping' is really good one.

If you have PS2, and your region released this one, I'd recommend you highly to play.
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Re: Gregory Horror Show (PS2) - 08/12/04 08:45 AM

I doubt whether this would be released in PAL foramat but I am always interested to read about unusual PS2 games. Thanks for this review.
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Re: Gregory Horror Show (PS2) - 08/13/04 04:26 AM

I searched Amazon UK, and they are selling this. So I think this game was sold in UK. Not sure about other territories, although. Check out Amazon UK link below.
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Re: Gregory Horror Show (PS2) - 08/13/04 09:09 PM

Sounds like a game I just might want to try, thanks for the tip and review MrKwang. wave