Posted by: Bonnie

Temujin - 08/31/04 06:27 PM

I know I'm a little new-but I noticed nobody else had done this game-and since it's a favorite of mine-I decided to give it a whirl!

Temujin is put out by the company Southpeak Interactive-a company I believe now known as Vendi-just a side note-

Anyway-Temujin is not your typical adventure game-if you could call it an adventure game-it has puzzles-yes-but you don't go very far-in fact-if you try-you get alot of fireworks and lightning-but no further.

The game starts you off with a short film of Ghengis Khan's funeral where you are introduced to a few of the major characters-then you are in the museum itself-the game proceeds from there-your job-should you choose to accept it-is to go get certain objects to solve certain puzzles depending on what chapter you're in.

When I bought the game-it came with I little bit of a spoiler book-just to get you through the first chapter- once through that you are assisted by Mei-the spirit who acts as a kind of guide through the game.I find Mei a little unreliable however-sometimes she works-sometimes she doesn't-so you're best bet is to rely on your powers of observation and look at everything-and keep going back to rooms because you never know what might be there-

The interface-Ahh yes-the interface-the one major flaw in an otherwise great game-in my humble opinion-you can't see a whole lot-and the cursor will drive you crazy-there's no way around it-the manipulation in the environment is a major flaw in this game. It's not "point and Click" like most other games-you have to click on arrows on the edge of the interface which aren't too receptive-sometimes you end up going halfway down the hall before it responds-

All in all- I reall do enjoy Temujin-but I believe its a "love it or hate it" game- you either put up with it flaws and live with them and play it anyway- or give it to somebody else- I guess I just like this game and prefer to keep it-
Posted by: Glynn

Re: Temujin - 08/31/04 09:58 PM

Bonnie you said it all! smile I also liked the game, really neat puzzles..hard though! Glynn
Posted by: GuybrushThreepwood

Re: Temujin - 09/01/04 10:28 AM

I liked Temujin so much I wanted to try the companies other games, so I got Dark Side Of The Moon. I didn't like that game as much. For one thing it kept crashing on me.
Posted by: tigger

Re: Temujin - 09/01/04 03:08 PM

I believe it's in the category of "older games that TRUE adventure players eventually get around to playing"
well that was the reason I tried this wonderful game.. Oh err and that I had got it as part of a trade lol

Best one I got IMHO. The movement is naggy, umm... trying to find another flaw.. Oh some puzzles are illogical and one is Very pixel specific.

A great game to play IMHO smile
Posted by: Bryansmom

Re: Temujin - 10/18/04 10:22 PM

I really liked this game a lot. The FMV is very well done, in my opinion, and I always like games that are set in a museum. I know that a lot of people had problems moving around, but I didn't have that problem. I usually try walking around from every angle to make sure I haven't missed anything, and that seemed to work with this game. Recent games such as Dark Fall 2 and Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring are similar in movement to Temujin (at least I thought so).

The puzzles were great and you really had to think out of the box to solve them. I enjoyed manipulating various things I might find in a museum (the security cameras and some of the actual exhibits). There is one puzzle that is devilish and is stuck in the game for what almost seems to be a joke by the developers, but even that was interesting and used inventory objects.

I don't hear a lot about this game, but I really liked it. Thanks for bringing it up and doing a review for us!
Posted by: nickie

Re: Temujin - 10/19/04 02:05 AM

Thanks for the nice review, Bonnie! I really enjoyed this game, mainly because when it came out it was different from the other games out there. For once, I actually enjoyed the puzzles!