Grand Theft Auto 3 For The Pc

Posted by: Waghornet

Grand Theft Auto 3 For The Pc - 05/26/02 10:40 AM

When I first heard this was coming out for the pc
I was so excited.And now its finally here.
The story goes like this.You and some other people
take part in a robbery but one of them does not want you to come along so they shoot you.
You get sent to prison and the convoy carrying you and the other prisoners is ambushed by a streetgang.
The bridge is damaged by a bomb and all the others have gone there is just you and another prisoner left.
This other prisoner knows a place to change clothes and lie low but you have to drive as he has hurt his hands.This is where the game starts.
movement of your character and vehicles is by way of the cursor keys and the enter key takes you in and out of a vehicle.I must say the graphics in this game are very good.And the sounds are awesome.when you enter a vehicle you get to hear whats playing on the radio.Exsclusive to the pc version you have the option to load in your favourite mp3s and play them on the radios.This game has 80+ missions and over 50 vehicles you can steal and drive away ranging from fire engines to an ice cream van.The game comes on 2 cds.One which installs the game and the other which contains the in game music and other stuff.
Your fellow prisoner who befrends you his name is 8-ball.the effects are very good as well,if you clip another vehicle your door comes off and so on until the vehicle is on fire and blows up.
If I was to give this game marks out of 10 I would give it 11.because of the subject content of this game,killings,beatings,crashes and some sex it has been given an 18 certifgate
All in all a very good game if this is your cup of tea
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Grand Theft Auto 3 For The Pc - 05/26/02 11:02 AM


I am sure this game will be huge at our house. We have I think Grand Theft Auto 2 for the PS2 and I have even gotten into the game. I love the people, the way the person who's car you stole will pull you out if you don't drive off. The selection of music and a whole lot of ccol things about that game. I imagine the third will be even better.

Update: Well I questioned my son and it seems the game I have been dabbling with on the PS2 IS the new game. I never saw the beginning about the prison break and all that. The crime city is pretty funny. This is nice though as I will probably get it for the PC to play myself. Now I can get to wreck the fire engine doing 360's over the bridge. lol

Thanks for posting about this new game. smile