The Eleventh Hour Review

Posted by: Bonnie

The Eleventh Hour Review - 11/07/04 08:40 PM

I've decided to post a review of this game since nobody else has and what the heck-why not right?

This game is a Sequel to The Seventh Guest-A game produced by the now no longer in business Trilobyte company-I know what your thinking-ugh-sequel-worse than the original-right-well actually no-not this time-The Eleventh hour seems to hold up pretty well-IMHO-its different-sure-but it seems to hold up nonetheless-

You start off as Carl Denning Ace Reporter for Case unsolved and at the beginning of the game 2 things happen-your producer dissappears-and you get a package at your doorstep-all of which causes you to jump on your snazzy little motorcycle and head to-you got it-Stauf's mansion- what happens after that is controlled by a series of puzzles and riddles you solve supplied by Stauf-some easy-some downright maddening-but all potentially solvable-MOST of the time-even the guidebook admits some of the puzzles are not solveable-which brings me to my first gripe-why have a puzzle that's unsolveable-what's the fun in that-

the interface is-well-ok I guess-its the same as the seventh guest-its point and click with no panning at all-on faster processors you will end up moving REALLY fast so be prepared for that-

The best part of this game however-is the FMV-I can't recall any other game-maybe somebody else can-where they actually made a separate movie just for the FMV sequences-the acting to me is really well done-for the most part-

All in all I really do enjoy this game-even though some of the puzzles drive me NUTS!
Posted by: Becky

Re: The Eleventh Hour Review - 11/09/04 11:04 AM

Thanks for the information Bonnie! I avoided this one when it first came out because it was scary and I thought I didn't like being scared. Then I played Dark Fall. Whole new vistas of the enjoyment of absolute terror were awakened for me.

Is Eleventh Hour scarier than Dark Fall? On a fear scale of 1 to 10, where a baby giggling is 1 and Dark Fall is 8, where would you put it?
Posted by: Bonnie

Re: The Eleventh Hour Review - 11/09/04 02:40 PM

Becky I don't think ANYTHING is scarier than dark fall-but that's just me- hmmm- I would honestly put it about a five- a little gory yes-scary-not really-but that's only because I've gotten the optimum ending every time-
Posted by: nickie

Re: The Eleventh Hour Review - 11/09/04 03:35 PM

Becky, a baby giggling is a 10 to me - Sanitarium spooked me so much with those little kids!
Posted by: Liz

Re: The Eleventh Hour Review - 11/04/05 05:07 PM

I loved the 11th hour........even though Stauf became very annoying with his snide remarks. Course I love FMV anyway...... happydance