Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

Posted by: Waghornet

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius - 09/03/02 11:27 AM

I have had this game now over a week and it is very adictive.Some people might think this is
a kiddies game but let me just say I am 39
and I enjoy it.
The basic premise of the game is,some aliens are trying to invade the earth and you have to try
and stop them by completing lots of mini-games.
You control the character Jimmy Neutron with the cursor keys,you do such tasks as beat a school rival at a scooter race round a dirt track near the school,
another one of the problems is when you get captured by the aliens and have to find your way off the ship and back to earth.
I was foxxed for a time then discovered what i thought were sensors that closed the door were actually buttons to open them,doh!!! my head hurts.
This game is interlinked with mini-games that combine to make a action/adventure.
One gripe I do have though is the game did not like my 3d card so I had to play the game in software mode which makes the graphics blockey
and a little bit ugly but I can live witht that.
The game is published by THQ.the same people I believe that made Red Faction.
All in all a good game,One I am finding hard to put down,I am stuck on one particular puzzle but should with practise overcome it.
I give this 11 out of 10.
And I played it on the pc.
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius - 09/03/02 11:36 AM

Hmm interesting Waghornet. smile

I had seen this at the local software store - but didn't give it much more than a glance. I will definitely have to give it a run after reading your take on the game. Thanks smile

Posted by: Mad

Re: Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius - 09/03/02 03:16 PM


Sounds addictive - but then it also sounds like a platform game - which WILL make it very addictive [If you can stand the pace.] wave