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Journeyman Project Turbo - 09/15/02 06:31 PM

I like to read Boomers' comments about games, so I thought I'd contribute too.
I bought the Journeyman Project Trilogy and have just finished the first game. My system is Win98 and installation was smooth after picking up some tips from the glitches forum.
There is a bit of preparation before playing. Make sure you read the manual for the game (it's on the CDrom). I played the whole game with the mouse. Movement is basic arrow controls. There are some gadgets to become familiar with, but once used a few times, they all made sense and were easy to manipulate.
Basically you view the world through an eyepiece
and early on in the game, you don a body suit that protects you from the enviroments of the places you visit in the past.
You are an agent that works at the Temporal Security Annex. This place houses a time machine and your job is not only to guard it, but, should a breech in time happen, use the machine to go back in time to fix it. Of course, the alarms go off while you are on duty, and you travel back to 3 different times to stop the present from being altered. Each place has its own inventory to find and puzzles to solve. There is a maze, but you are equipped with a mapping device that tracks your movements for you (a software feature I could have used many times over in other games). There are some timed puzzles, but they are amazingly forgiving, especially if you save game reguarly. I did use some hints, and a WT at some points, but mainly because I had missed a clue that was given in the beginning narrative. You can die in this game so save alot.
The only negatives I have are regarding the dated graphics (play this one in 256 color and 640 X 480
resolution) and one puzzle in particular that required honing in on targets (my 'fine-mouse control' is not that great. The positives are if you enjoyed the game as I did, Journeyman 2 and 3 are waiting in the wings.
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Re: Journeyman Project Turbo - 09/15/02 09:54 PM

Hi colpet.

I attempted JP(1)in my very early game playing days but was totally put off by all the gadgets and controls I was required to master.
What a wimp, eh ?? happydance ]


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Re: Journeyman Project Turbo - 09/16/02 08:27 PM

Hi colpet,

And thanks for posting this review of JP1!! Two of my very favorite games are JP2 and 3, and I haven't gotten around to getting JP1. Now I am motivated, reading your comments.

Question: What did you think of the graphics and navigation? Did you enjoy the puzzles, and what types were they - inventory based, mathematical, or a mixture of types?

Also, how did you talk to Arthur - dialogue trees? Or was it all automatic. I ask because I know this is an older game, and I'd like to get an idea of how dated it is. Maybe the game was good enough to make the outdatedness irrelevant?

Wishing there would be a JP4,
Andy laugh
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Re: Journeyman Project Turbo - 09/17/02 11:33 AM

There is no one named Arthur in this game. That must be a later development. In each time period
there are inventory items to collect that are used along the way, and their use was logical.
There are no mathematical puzzles. You can accumulate points in this game and more points are given for peaceful solutions. The other puzzles involve geography and memory sequences.
Navigation was by basic arrow movement and the graphics are par for that time - think Return to Zork. I didn't think it was a long game, maybe 15 hours or so to play. Hope this helps.
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Re: Journeyman Project Turbo - 09/18/02 05:07 AM

Arthur was the artificial intelligence (A.I.) character in the Journeyman games that I played. I think he came along in the later version. He was voiced by a very nasal-sounding male. The early version I played had a female voiced A.I. that was a lot more easier on the ears.

Arthur was used to interject humorous comments and helpful hints and historical information about the period you were exploring.

These were some of my most enjoyable games and a very good example of what games could be at the time they were released by Presto Studios. Sadly, Presto has now closed down so there won't be anymore quality games from this group.
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Re: Journeyman Project Turbo - 09/30/02 04:12 PM

when you mentioned "fine tuned" mouse control that reminded me....this was the only game i NEVER finished.! there is a puzzle where you have to click on locations on a globe. Well, you have to be dead on or no go. after weeks of frustration i gave up. I have played the rest in Journeyman series and enjoyed them much, much, MUCH better! Journeyman 3 was great. Actually i wish they'd come out with some more games like those.