Discworld Noir

Posted by: pretzel

Discworld Noir - 09/29/02 03:46 AM

I just finished this surprisingly wonderful game, Apart from a few minor disturbances (long scene loading times, and a very annoying delays when talking to a certain sculpture and varying voice-over volumes).

I do believe this is the first time I enjoyed a comic adventure game for being fit to ADULTS.

Even compared to LucasArts (Including GRIM), the dialog and story here, although being comic, is very witty and mature.

The amount of dialog really puts The Longest Journey to shame. It is endless. But - Never boring.

I played this game over a few weeks, 1-2 hours a time, and I guess playing it straight would have been a bit tedious.

Graphics are nice and so are the voice-overs, but you should play this one for the story and the dialogs.

This game has restored my faith in comic games (which I got fed up with after playing Curse of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango in a row).

Another advice : This is a VERY long game, and this is so mainly because of the amount of dialog and the fact that you need to ask a lot of people about a lot of things. If you get stuck, and you feel a bit let-down by knowing that there are 100 things you need to ask 10 people about now, and you don't feel like it, either stop playing and return in a few days, or use a hint. This will not spoil this game and it will still be long. Just don't overdo it, and try to make sure you don't use a hint to solve a puzzle (this can be done by only asking people, and not looking at a w/t).

I have played the previous 2 (unconnected) games, and didn't feel this way about them. I thought they did Pratchet's work injustice and were a bit childish.
This one isn't.

So - Just to be clear :
Posted by: nickie

Re: Discworld Noir - 09/29/02 11:18 AM

After hearing so many encouraging comments about this game on the board, I did play it recently. I thought it was good, and I'm certainly glad I played it. I loved the play on Bogart, and I loved being a werewolf. But I found it nowhere near as entertaining or as challenging as the first two Discworlds.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Discworld Noir - 09/29/02 01:53 PM

Hi pretzel.

Nice review smile

But whilst I quite enjoyed Discworld Noir - I have to agree with nickie in that I did not feel it to be of the same calibre as the first two Discworlds frown

Just didn't have that "zing" for me lol

[Aren't some folks hard to please ?? wave
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Discworld Noir - 09/29/02 09:16 PM

I liked the first 2 games quite a bit. I really almost feel that they can't be cross compared with Discworld 3. It was such a totally different game.

I too enjoyed it. Not only that - I recently replayed it and was amazed at how quickly I had forgotten all those great lines. It goes down with Under A Killing Moon - (to my weird sense of humor lol ) as the funniest dialogue I have ever heard. So many great quotes.

Thanks for the review and the reminder of how great this game is. Definitely one that should not be missed. smile

Posted by: nolalou

Re: Discworld Noir - 09/30/02 04:28 PM

This is also one of my top 10 favorite games (don't ask me exactly where it is on the list, as my 'list' of favorites keeps changing). In fact, I did an earlier review of this game a while ago, which I belive is still on this board somewhere.

Funny how many people who played the 1st two Discworld games didn't care for this one, but since I never played the others, I had to preconceived ideas about it, and I felt this was my kind of game right from the begining! Then after playing Discworld Noir, I was able to find copies of the 1st two games (Discworld 1 downloaded from the web, but with no sound, and a CD-ROM of Discworld II), but for some reason I couldn't get into those games at all, and never finished them!

Posted by: nickie

Re: Discworld Noir - 10/01/02 03:30 AM

That's an interesting thought, Louis. I wonder if the order in which you play the games does have a lot to do with how much you like the "different one/s". Now how can you phrase that as posting for the adventure forum!?
Posted by: Mad

Re: Discworld Noir - 10/01/02 10:15 AM


The first two Disworld games are a kind of "mini series" based on Rinsewind and his adventures.
They are hilarious laugh

Discworld Noir is totally different.
It isn't an adventure featuring Rinsewind "A La Noir" (which was what I had at first expected) it has different characters and a different story smile

So you don't need to play either of the two original Discworlds before Noir - in my opinion they are completely unrelated wave
Posted by: Jen in Chgo

Re: Discworld Noir - 10/02/02 12:01 PM

I'm here to throw a wrench into the whole theory. lol

I played Discworld 1 first, then Noir, & lastly Discworld 2. I have to say that Noir is, by far, my favorite. It is completely different & should not be compared to the other 2. I don't think order has anything to do with it. Just personal preference. The other 2 I also enjoyed, but not as much as Noir. Musta been that whole werewolf collecting scents thing that hooked me. wink

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted by: Cynch

Re: Discworld Noir - 10/09/02 05:25 PM

I agree with Jen from Chicago....I enjoyed Discworlds I&II but not nearly as much as "Noir".
My preference really has little to do with the order in which I played the games, I just had more fun with "Noir" than the other two.

The little policeman (Nobby?) is one of my favorite game characters. smile